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Dojo members hit the SEMMYs 2010!

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 15:58

Hello my geeks… it is a proud day in my happy little hideaway (SEO Dojo) as the 2k10 version of the SEMMYs was announced yesterday. I was looking through the nominations and noticing how many of them were peeps that have helped my the community what it is today.

And so…. I wanted to list them off and show some love!!

If you haven’t checked out the nominees, (all of them) I would certainly suggest it. Upon looking through the lists I noticed many great posts I’d not seen from 09…. Be sure to drop by and check it out; great reading all around.

SEMMY search marketing awards 2010


Nominees from my Dojo peeps;

Industry category;

5 Tips on Hiring and Getting the Most Value from SEO Consultants
Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog | 7/6/09

Don’t Blame the Snake Oil Salesman!
Angie Haggstrom, Search Engine People | 8/13/09

Build a Great SEO Team
Richard Baxter, SEO Gadget | 10/11/09

The Truth About SEO
Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog | 10/19/09


Online Marketing category;

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008
Tamar Weinberg, Techipedia | 1/5/09

Viral Marketing category;

Definitive Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing
Samir Balwani, Left the Box | 2/16/09

Blogs & Blogging category
37 Tips for Optimizing Blogs and Feeds – SES New York
Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog | 3/14/09

Link Building category;

10 Goals For Link Building Campaigns: Moving Beyond “Get More Links”
Garrett French, Search Engine Land | 5/27/09

The Link Builder’s Guide To Analyzing SERP Dominators For Link Opportunities
Garrett French, Search Engine Land | 6/23/09

The International Link Building Guide
Garrett French, Search Engine People | 7/8/09

The Holiday Link Building Blitz: A Plan for eCommerce Sites
Garrett French, Search Engine People | 11/3/09


Social Media category;

Social Media and SEO: 5 Essential Steps to Success
Lee Odden, Mashable | 4/15/09

25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips
Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog | 4/27/09


PPC category;

Discovering Keywords On the Cheap
Tom Demers, PPC Hero | 2/3/09


I’d like to wish a HUGE congrats to all the members (heck, ALL the nominees dammit!) for the props! As most of us would know, blogging can be a time consuming and often thankless endeavour. While ya can’t take it too the bank, it’s a least a little something to brighten up the week… Congrats again to all!


Oh yea, I had a few also…

It seems a few posts here on the Trail made it in as well… A big thanks to the judges or whomever culls the initial list for the inclusion… Any support over here is always appreciated… Just sharing my obsession (SEO = Search Engine Obsessed).


Search Tech category;

The SEO geeks guide to information retrieval
David Harry, Huomah | 1/5/09

SEO implications of Page Segmentation concepts
David Harry, Huomah | 1/8/09

Geo Targeted SEO: The Technical Review
David Harry, Search Engine People | 7/7/09


Google category;

Why Googles behavioural targeting should creep you out
David Harry, Huomah | 9/28/09


Link Building category;

Page segmentation and link building
David Harry, Huomah | 7/13/09


SEO category;

Guide to Search Engine Ranking Factors
David Harry, Huomah | 4/6/09

Real time search engines; should SEOs care?
David Harry, Huomah | 7/2/09


And there we have it… if you haven’t already, be sure to head on over for a TON of the best reading from 2009… Oh and a huge props out to Matt McGee, contributors and judges and all of those that put it together… Also likely a thankless job.. so THANKS!


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