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Go Sphinn yourself

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 29 October 2007 15:51

A rant and a ramble into the Sphinn-o-sphere

Oh my freaking GOD!!! -- Here’s a new one… Marty ‘Sphinned’ some Sphinn comments that Lyndon made. This is just getting too funny. If things weren't already freaking me out over there, now people are actually starting to treat comments on the site as a 'News Story' - which in themselves are merely a poor excuse for a message board. Talk about redundant. This reminds me of marketing folks that ‘Blog about Blogging’ - Oh, and the actual comments of Lyndon’s were in response to Marty 'confirming' that the nepotism is still alive and well

The funny part? Well, it seems that even the one ABOUT the comments was a ‘Hot Story’ - according to the Sphinions ( the minions of the Sphinn Idol). Day by day I see more crap rising to the top over there and some actually interesting stuff that gets no more than a few hours of play on the ‘What's New ’ page. It is the same people over-and-over that are magically the purveyors of good information it would seem. I see the opposite happening, the Power-Sphinners are submitting just about anything they come across because the minions have convinced them they can’t miss and some pretty interesting stuff never sees the light of day.

How about this one – good for a giggle;



Why is the same story, posted earlier, doing worse than the other? Well, Loren is simply more popular you cheeky monkey, it ain't about the story. Guess which on will go 'Hot'? Sure, that's a simplistic example, but there are many more that illustrate the nature what I have been seeing. People are voting on stories to pander to the people/community not really based on the editorial value of a given piece of news. One SEO I spoke with recently mentioned that Sphinn users seemed to perform better with ‘overly simplistic postings’ and that some of their best postings were ‘ flat on Sphinn’. I am pretty sure how ‘well’ a story does is all about who posts them, which is evident by Marty’s post and further cemented with Karl's post which mentioned Power Sphinners had alluded to the fact that "one has to game the Sphinn system in order to be successful " - even Tamar was requesting folks to not ask her to ‘Sphinn your stories’.

Social Marketers hanging out on a Social Media site - it's bound to happen.

At this rate, it will simply be an extension of Search Engine Land with some 20 or so 'free staffers' in the form of the top posters... nice gig. If you want some further enlightenment have a look at the numbers Jeff put up in his – 13 Interesting Stats about Sphinn - I have to think those numbers are getting further skewed towards the 'in-crowd' every day (can we get an update Jeff?). I am wondering, those that are big into 'Social Media' sites, are they really social? Or simply narcissistic? I have no idea, but I can say it is starting to creep me out… with Halloween so close and all…. Eeek!

Dats' it.. a quick rant in my morning...

ADDED; In a related post, since i publshed this, Rebecca at SEOMoz it seems is tired of getting Spammed for Votes as well - and some reaction to her post --- A strange beast this is...

In another related RANT I also came across this; Baiting the SEO Blogosphere - tee hee... this is fun. -- Even Marty ( a semi-rock star?) went off on the SEO Rockstars -- I am starting to feel like a National Enquirer reporter here.... :0)


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