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The Art of War - SEO Style; Attack by Strategem Part III

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 14:13

the Art of War; SEO Style(Part of the series on Sun Tzu's ; The Art of War – from the SEO perspective.)

Attack by Strategem; Part III

Sun Tzu said;

It is the rule in war, if our forces are ten to the enemy's one, to surround him; if five to one, to attack him; if twice as numerous, to divide our army into two. If slightly inferior in numbers, we can avoid the enemy If quite unequal in every way, we can flee from him. Hence, though an obstinate fight may be made by a small force, in the end it must be captured by the larger force.

SEO Style;

When the authority, resources staff and budget are obviously superior, take the long tail first and slowly close the noose. If the advantage is considerable, but not overwhelming, let them know you are there and begin to break them down. If only a slight advantage, then divide through distraction. Make them feel they are in a no win situation and thus resign them to second best.

When coming from a weaker position, work around the edges. The low hanging fruit and long tail opportunities until gains can be translated into a stronger program. When below that point, study, plan and seek appropriate funding to enact at least a minimalist campaign.

Sun Tzu said;

Now the general is the bulwark of the State; if the bulwark is complete at all points; the State will be strong; if the bulwark is defective, the State will be weak.

If the leader, you, are lacking and deficient in the art of war, then surely your people and strategy will also be deficient. By extension, the nation (website/company) will also be weakened by a leader lacking in the skills and art.

(tune in Monday for the next edition)


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