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The Art of War SEO Style

  • Chapter One

    For the SEO, understanding how to combat in the SERPs is paramount to the success of the site and/or program. This is the beginning. You must treat the process with urgent care. One can never be callous with a web property and should at all times seek to gain insight (more)

  • Chapter Two

    Set out reasonable goals for staff, contractors and all those involved in the effort. Always give credit where credit is due, but more to those most responsible for successes. Create a competitive sense towards all your activities. (....more)

  • Chapter Three

    We now embrace the concept of aligning all that we have learned in this section. Knowing when to be aggressive and when to be defensive. Knowing that one approach, static in nature, is ultimately doomed. (more)

  • Chapter Four

    We cannot seek victory by securing our own assets and positions. Ultimately, you must find weaknesses, tactically or strategically, to ultimately prevail. This can be pages ranked above or below you. (more)

  • Chapter 5 - Energy

    In many of the interpretations I came across they speak of direct and indirect movements to throw the opponent off balance. Actions intended to confuse or to mislead. Attacking direct when setting up for the indirect attack and vice verse. Fixate the enemy's attention in one area and snatch victory in another. (more inside)

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