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Video SEO: Promotion in the Age of Social Sharing

Wednesday, 02 June 2010 00:00

(By Terry Van Horne)

Video Promotion, Syndication and the Like factor

One of the biggest changes in video production in recent years are the numbers of online video promotion and production tools. There are more video hosts, video sharing communities and online distribution tools than when I started working with the World Music Supply team. We pretty much had to do it all in-house. The owner hired a recent community college grad who edited the videos. There was no online transcript software, few transcription services and virtually no online production tools.

Where to submit Video RSS and MRSS Feeds To Major Search Engines

In a time when the search engine ecosystem is gravitating towards machine readable solutions for indexing and to some extent determining theme ie: events and review pages and new protocols (Salmon) it makes a lot of sense to begin moving toward RSS for content discovery. The big 3 search engines all have vertical video search and the easiest way to get into the index is via a sitemap. Google supports MRSS and Bing will pickup your video sitemap via a link in the robots.txt file. Yahoo! well who really knows what is happening there.

  • Google Webmaster Tools: Register Sitemap feeds and manage other technical aspects and traffic stats for your site. Add a sitemap
  • Yahoo Site Explorer: See Back Link, indexing info and register sitemaps. Add a sitemap
  • MSN Webmaster Central: Use the Webmaster Tools to troubleshoot the indexing of your site, submit sitemaps and view statistics about your sites. Add a sitemap


Where to submit Video RSS and MRSS To Communities, Media Search Engines and Aggregators

RSS is the future for content discovery. This is even more important when the "content" is not textual so it is not easily indexed by crawlers. Video RSS and MRSS feeds are a great way to distribute and share your videos to communities to increase your embeds and visibility for your video:

  • iTunes: Formed by the merger of PureVideo Networks, Inc., publisher of GrindTV, the action sports channel on Yahoo! Sports, and Wasserman Media Group's Sportnet. Each month, the combined company's ten enthusiast media brands attract 8 million plus online visits generating more than 60 million video views across a syndication network that includes Yahoo!, MSN and Comcast, and other premium distributors.
    • You can submit a number of differing types of files to iTunes. The Submit Rss on the specs page has all the details you need
  • ClipBlast: Founded in 2004 with patent-pending technologies designed to organize and simplify the "Video Web" helping users to search, navigate, watch and personalize their experience. Video Content Providers can monetize and distribute videos using a number of tools on the platform.
  • Truveo: Operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL Inc with a comprehensive and innovative set of developer tools used by content producers in Truveo’s Director Account program to make their video searchable by the millions of users across the Truveo network. Additionally website developers have leveraged Truveo’s Open APIs to enhance their website.
  • Grind Networks: Formed by the merger of PureVideo Networks, Inc., publisher of GrindTV, the action sports channel on Yahoo! Sports, and Wasserman Media Group's Sportnet. Each month, the combined company's ten enthusiast media brands attract 8 million plus online visits generating more than 60 million video views across a syndication network that includes Yahoo!, MSN and Comcast, and other premium distributors.
  • World Wide Broadcast Network: Platform System uses a robust and scalable infrastructure designed for delivering rich media. enables any object in your digital media library to be instantly delivered and monetized while creating an unparalleled online experience for users.

RSS for Video Promotion


Upload Videos

Upload and share your videos to these communities to increase your embeds and visibility for your video:

  • MetaCafe: One of the leading video sharing networks on the internet. Upload your videos to your channel. Provides a player and tools to put video RSS feeds on your site.
  • Revver: Two interesting services provided are a plugin to monetizes video on blogs, and tools to email, embed and build custom RSS video feeds. The API is robust and community is fairly active.
  • The Dashboard shows you exactly where your audience is, and increasingly who they are. Track audience and user engagement graphs to determine where the user fast forwards, where they rewind, and where you lose them. This enables you to improve your video and consequently YouTube and Google rankings since there is indications this engagement is part off the ranking algo.
    • When you upload to BlipTV, your videos can be syndicated to accounts you have on other Web sites such as blogs, iTunes , Yahoo Video, AOL Video, MySpace, FaceBook, and Feedburner.
    • The distribution network reaches more than 80% of Americans on the Internet and a growing number of television households. Partners like YouTube, NBC, Apple, TiVo and AOL help shows find their total potential audiences
    • Submit and Upload Videos to Blip
  • Veoh: Popular video content and Internet Television sites where Members can share video.
    • When you submit to Veoh, they syndicate your video to YouTube, mySpace, and Google video.
    • Upload Videos to Veoh
  • DivX’s Stage 6:
    • You can still watch and share high-quality DivX® video in your browser using DivX Web Player. Anyone with a website or blog can easily embed DivX video. And remember, you can enjoy your DivX video almost anywhere — on your computer, your phone and on your TV. Unfortunately the cost to run the upload site was prohibitive.

Sites to upload video to


Syndicate Videos for Promotion of Viral Videos On Video Search & Sharing Sites

Twitter for video traffic tops facebook yahoo google and bing TubeMogul provides some recent data showing video is a favorite share among Twitter users. Some of this is via favorited vids being tweeted. I likely do about 40-50 Grooveshark tweets a week... it is music but ... I think it's safe to say it is similar behavior!

Recent statistics by TubeMogul are showing a high increase in people using Twitter instead of its competitors Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Bing. According to Mashable, social media users are tending to steer towards Twitter as it not only gives them the option of watching videos but connecting them to real-world friends and not just their own interests.

The other day in the SEO Training Dojo chat I was asked about the role of linking and videos. Personally, I believe that embeds are the new link. They are easier to determine quality based on reactive engagement (comments, ratings, subs, friends and how much of the video was watched [attention]) making distribution and promotion of the video almost as important as what is in the video.

What is significant about the software and sites below are they are mass distributors, sometimes paid and some extremely powerful programs uploading videos combined with social bookmarking and sharing sites and communities. With the "buzz factor" from this activity likely a factor in getting Videos into Universal SERPs with Video, RealTime search and possibly.

  • Video Upload Pro: $95 paid Software to submit your videos to multiple video sites including Atom Films,, BoFunk, Bolt, ClipShack, EvideoShare, Flurl, Google Video, Guba, Jumpcut, Live Video, Myspace Video, PutFile, Veoh, Vimeo, Yahoo Video and Youtube.
  • HeySpread : Some services are paid but it doesn't seem that they are very expensive. An online tool to send videos to multiple sites, with some interesting, reasonably priced services and an API based on REST with PHP and Ruby libraries available
  • TubeMogul: Submit videos to multiple video sharing sites at once. Currently supporting Metacafe, MySpace, Yahoo, Revver, AOL Video, DailyMotion, Blip, and BrightCove, TubeMogul syndicating your videos out to video sharing sites unique Titles, Tags, and Descriptions and provides analytics for tracking views across your syndicate.
  • TrafficGeyser: Distribute video to a large number of video search engines, sharing sites and social bookmarking sites. It's a comprehensive service offering slidecasting, royalty-free music packs, video-to-audio conversion and broadcasting to podcast directories and social bookmarking sites. Site treats information about the products like they are an old school affiliate program. Highly recommended by a number of users I met in Dan Thies Link Liberator seminars. I highly recommend submitting the lead form for the excellent info and info about the company. Yeah I wasn't happy but they at least gave me info for upping my email... I pity them if they spam me!
    • Free trial with subscription @ $97/month (not verified apparently pricing is a secret!)

I will not be surprised to see Video replace pictures in the News Paks in the near future. This is a prediction as I do not know for sure but the recent Google news bog post Making your video news more accessible seems to indicate interest in adding video to the News Pak and Google news listings.

Video Syndication Sites

Video Promotion and Video Syndication Site Considerations

Note that while I was going through these syndicators and sharing sites there were more but all were in varying degrees of going out of business. At least one had multiple services with low monthly prices. The problem here was clearly unrealistic pricing which should alerted us to the potential for the demise of free and freemium services. It is devastating to have invested into a community and have the community close. Keep this in mind as you build out your video syndication and sharing strategy.

Conclusions on Video Promotion

Video production and optimization are the foundation of your Universal SERPs video strategy. Promotion and engagement are the drivers of the viral video bus increasing brand visibility and and links.


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