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the state of the SEO industry

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 10 November 2006 15:06

Wow… here’s a fun one. Depending on whom you believe the SEO industry is having a bad year… or maybe not. Taken from references in the Marketing Sherpa ‘Search Marketing 2007 Benchmark Guide’, a couple of different take’s on the situation

First the ‘anti-SEO’ view ;

…and then the ‘anti-anti-seo’ view;

I for one have one simple word – Spammers – As long as spammers keep getting more sophisticated so will the SEs. It’s a war of attrition. The more sophisticated the SEs become, the more complex the task of ensuring one’s SEO endeavors are ‘up to speed’ with the latest changes and nuances.

Anyway, I felt that was an interesting little journey, let me know what you think.



0 # MrStitch 2006-11-10 15:50
Didn't get to read the anti-anti article, as I needed to register. Didn't really feel like it at the time.

But the first article made some good points. I don't think the SEO market has dropped off, per say, more like 'lack of third party advertising, and a slightly more educated crowd'

Remember about a year or two ago, there was this company with tv and radio ads saying you can build a website, and sell products that you don't even need to stock' ? There were others as well... either way, you couldn't walk ten feet without getting hit by one.

I'm sure there were a whole slew of people that signed up for that type of service, only to find that the internet was a bit more complex than they realized. So hordes of people went hiring these services.

Then with Yahoo making terrible results, MSN falling apart, and Google's BD update, everything went all to hell. Google started offering more resources to potential DIY type people (like me), people got educated quickly (not to mention broke from gas prices), all the old SEO tricks went out the window, and in the end we have poor David Harry, standing on the street corner with a sign - "Will SEO for food"

Mmmmm... Spam Sandwich :D

However, taking all thats happened in the past still doesn't account for such a huge drop off in growth. Come on.. what was it? 126% down to 6%?? Thats really bad... or maybe people found out that you really need to be a savy net geek to REALLY make the money that we were promised with these great affiliate and drop ship programs.

meh, take that how you will. Great article guy.
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