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Your SEO is weak my foolish friends

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 10 July 2008 09:45

Another rant to all those SEO Jokers

You know what?…. I feel a rant coming on, either run screaming now, or hold on for the ride.

Ok…. Now listen up my little SEO apostles, stop looking for the secret sauce and the magic bullet. I am getting so damn tired of reading so called ‘tips’ of how you can get a leg up on the competition. I am talking everything from black hat to (so-called) keyword sniping and the LSI bandwagon. Stop creating garbage sites with the hope of monetizing it with some crappy thin affiliate schemes, PPC arbitrage or whatever the get-rich-quick flavour of the day is. Cease and desist with the 3 way links and arrest the development of your satellite sites. Just give it a break!

I am so tired of people posing as marketing professionals writing about how to game the system to make a few bucks. They are not marketers… they are snake oil sales types; so get a grip. The world has always had such hucksters and they have never really been considered savvy marketers. You see dear reader; you must learn to recognize the difference. If your SEO efforts are merely a preface to gaming the search engines for short term gain, your days are numbered. This is not a long term viable business model… I guess that’s why it is getting rich ‘quick’.

Wanna buy some PageRank?

Be the Shepherd not the Sheep

If you are a seasoned SEO veteran, then I am sure you can tell the difference between a solid practice and a flaky principle. If you are a more nubile SEO aficionado, then do tell me if your SEO programs are reliant on the following;

  1. Mass Article Marketing (markov mix)
  2. Paid Links
  3. Latent Semantic Indexing (damn bandwagon)
  4. KW Stuffing pages or meta-data (even KW density for that matter)
  5. Reciprocal or 3 way link schemes
  6. Social Media Spamming (and comment spamming)

If those elements enter into your SEO programs on a regular basis, you may not be travelling down the right path to ranking nirvana. I dare say you have not truly embraced the myriad of methodologies that avail themselves to the fastidious search optimizer; the least of which is enabling a quality offering and developing content worth being seen. In simplest terms if you are looking to get rich quick and believe it will be easy, go shove your head in a freakin’ toilet and flush. If you need half assed optimization schemes to even get a sniff from a search engine, you are a sheep not the shepherd.


Link Building Loonie

Today I even came across a reference to a post by a favourite dip-shit of mine was talking about how he is a professional link builder and ‘knows a thing or two’ about link building. He then talks about his ‘testing’ around putting links in a variety of places including PR0 sites to gauge ‘link juice’.  Whatta freakin troll…..

Anyone with ½ a brain in this business knows that what we see in the ol Google Toolbar (GTB) has little to do with the ACTUAL internal Google PageRank calculation. So what exactly is supposed to be learned from such testing? Considering it is based, in part, on the GTB, then not I much I can tell ya.

This is exactly the kind of crap I am talking about. There are simply too many ‘so called’ professionals out there that have either an amazing lack of true understanding of modern SEO, or just like blowing smoke up the uninitiated sods backside.


Quality is the foundation

If you’re an SEO provider, or on the path of learning, you must embrace the art from the simplest tactics to the more complex intricacies. Looking for the easy way out is the beginning of the path to the dark side. All SEO starts with quality content and that is a fact of life; optimization cannot bring forth silk from a sow’s ear.

If you employ simplistic, short-sighted spammy methods, there is every chance that an SEO of value will be in your niche and will ultimately send you packing from the top rankings. You have been warned….

See you in the SERPs….



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