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Yes Virginia rankings DO have a place in modern SEO

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 22 October 2008 16:41

Myth Busting 101; don’t believe everything you read.

Over the last while there have been those quick to write off the value of rankings as a metric. More often than not personalized search aspects are touted as one of the usual suspects in this mysterious development. That is to say, that personalization of search results means we can no longer trust ranking reports and must abandon it as a primary indicator.

But is this the case? I wasn't entirely sure so I put out a call to arms for volunteers to ride along with some testing to see how much of an affect it may be having with; looking for Volunteers – and now we have a few answers.

Google Search Re-Ranking report


Get the Report

While there is far more research to be done, the initial data analysis shows that there is every reason to still be utilizing rankings as an indicator with your SEO programs (just needs a new approach). I will be writing more on the topic soon… for now – Go get the report.

The Google Personalized Search and SERP flux report

…and be sure to sign up and take part in future research. We give all the raw data (not included in the report) to all those that take part.



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