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The perfect paid link honeypot

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 14 April 2008 09:18

John Chow is a rebel and a madman!

In my travels this morning I cam across a website that got me thinking. Specifically, I was thinking of what types of honey pots the fine folks at Google might set up to help them in their quest to squash the paid links industry. I mean people are not always the brightest when it comes to buying them; to that end I give you The Social Millionaire.

Million Dollar link screw

This site, that John Chow reviewed (and didn’t nofollow links to, duh), and describes as; “a site that tries combine the appeal of social networks with the goal of raising one million dollars.” – is another million dollar pixel game that essentially sells you a link. This is simply easy hunting for the fine folks at Google as the links do not have the ever popular ‘nofollow’ attribute.

Not to be left out, Senor Chow decided to get himself a listing for ‘make money online’ – talk about being a rebel.

John Chow makin money

My point here is really more about the ease with which Google could set up a variety of different honeypots to expedite the process of catching more of those nasty link manipulators. It’s not like the first time we’ve seen such tactics (googletestad anyone?). As always, not crediting myself with enlightened insight, I have to figure the fine folks at G already thought of it…so be careful out there people… Tin foil hats are required…

Until next time – play safe.


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