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Stop the SEO madness

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 00:06

Can anyone out there tell me why the world of SEO is sooooooo screwed up??? I have been in marketing since the early 90s and have never seen so much mis-guided ‘get rich quick’ type of hype as I see on a daily basis with SEO (internet marketing in general).

Is it because anyone can get a web business relatively easy so there is a huge pool of suckers out there?

Is it because there is no governing body out there to effectively manage the reputation of the industry?

Because of a lack of true understanding about the basics of SEO in the greater marketplace?

Can some one puuullleaaaze tell me what is going on.

From this day forward, I am going to commit myself to outing each and every scammy service, advertisement and provider I can get my hands on. I am going to scream from the top of the mountain tops about what is garbage and what is a quality offering in the SEO marketplace. Somebody get me lawyer… cause I am gonna need one!

So if you’re an SEO addict, enthusiast or interested citizen, lend me your ear. Lend me your mouth as well... speak up!
It’s time to do some house cleaning…..



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