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Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 17 July 2008 08:39

It's about the pool player, not the cue

This morning the most wondrous Ann Smarty posted a exceedingly groovy list of tools that rock!

Not to be left out I thought I would take this opportunity to mention we have a pretty good list here on the trail as well…. See our SEO Tools section for more (80+ tools in total).

It is important to note that tools are only as good as the practitioner using them. What that means is your methods and theories of SEO dictate which tools and how you use them. A tool alone cannot make your programs better – that is up to you.

I would also note that I advise using more than one tool for any part of your research and development as trusting a single source for data is often a recipe for failure… now go and start playing!!



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