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Written by David Harry   
Friday, 15 June 2007 16:18

In today’s edition of ‘the Tired and Weary’ I have a little piece about Spam being alive and well in the world of Google. Sure, anyone that is heavily into SEO knows this already, but it can always use a little highlighting.

I ran into a post on John Chow’s site called - Spammer Make Fools of Google – which highlights some of the work left to be done by Google and the other engines. If you want a great example of duplicate content and link spam filters not working together – this is it.

Quote - "Mark Moore, President of, wanted to hit the number one spot for “metal buildings” in Google and rank for thousands of other industry terms such as “steel buildings”, metal garages, etc. What did Mark do to achieve this? He (or someone he hired) “spamdex” his site to the top by using an estimated 6000 plus domains all with an identical, duplicated, replicated web site template and exact same content in all of them."

In this day and age you’d hope things like this didn’t happen, but really.. some are going to get through. Strangely they should have everything in place to deal with such simplistic spamming – so how’s it happening? I think G is counting on PEOPLE ( a-la MySpace/YouTube ) to do their work for them in the form of reporting and not enough is being achieved to fight spam from a technology standpoint.

I still say they need more emphasis on properly identifying and weighting Link Profiles. They created the pigeon hole that is ‘Link Reliance’ within their ranking mechanisms. So they need to use that 'trap' more effectively.

Anyways.. just a quick rant.. I’m Gone!


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