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Link building and social media

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 29 April 2009 10:10

It’s all about the secondary links silly

Time and time again I see folks in the SEO world talking about getting links from social media websites. Many times this advice will include finding ‘followed’ links and even lists of ‘dofollow’ social media sites. This is quite strange and bewildering to me as the holy grail of link building in SM isn’t getting a link from the actual site…. but getting the secondary links that follow viral content.

You see, one shouldn’t be using the state of the links on the site as the measure… and such approaches are often even frowned upon by many in the biz as noted in this recent Sphinn thread. Regardless of the emotional reaction, the whole concept is flawed. I could give a rat’s ass if the links on a given site (including social and blogs) are followed because that was never the consideration in the first place.

Don't social spam for links

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Guide to Search Engine Ranking Factors

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 06 April 2009 00:11

The other day I was thinking about what signals we consider when trying to understand search engines and how they rank pages. There have been more than a few folks that have taken a stab at the elusive ‘over 200’ ranking factors the last few years (not to mention local rankings); why not give it a go? For me, it is likely a utopian fantasy, a journey into supposition, more than it is any real insight… but let’s have a go at it anyway.

Now let me start by saying I am not a fan, as many of you know, of making definitive statements about search algos as... well... we just don't know. We're all used to the catch phrases ‘Google’ and ‘Algorithm’ - but let's not go there. The main reason is that there are likely a multitude of algorithms that serve different purposes; so this isn't about any single algo.. Furthermore, I am not talking specifics such as Google per se, but more of an amalgam of the Big 3 and various approaches that may be employed by search engines in 2009 and beyond. OK? With me?

Let's give it a go… we’re here to have some fun right?

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Whats wrong with this picture?

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 23:04

(...don't mind me, it's been a strange week)

I have generally stayed away from all the pretty hats that SEOs get to wear. While I do look smashing in them, it mucks up my hair, ya know? But lately, I am finding it harder. To me we’ve always been search manipulators to varying degrees. While we may truly encourage search engineers to have to dig deeper, or facilitate content ingestion, it cannot be doubted that SEOs are the thorn in the IR world’s side. Ok, that I can take.

Why? Because SEO could as easily stand for ‘Search Engine Opportunist’ as anything else. That is until now… more and more I am seeing websites that are hacked for a variety of SEO purposes including link building and SERP destruction. It is one thing when people take advantage of an algorithm and quite another when it poisons honest people’s best intentions.


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Future proof your SEO

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 23 February 2009 08:08

A Gypsy’s Guide to fortune-telling

When you’re working on your optimization programs, are you thinking ahead? Do you watch industry trends to see what may be on the horizon? If not, then it’s time you did. Business planning is all about not only today, but tomorrow as well. Search engine optimization programs are no different – they need to be future-proofed.

Future proofing your SEO means that you operate with one eye on where the industry is going as to ensure your efforts hold up over time. This is a wise move not only from stability reasoning but from a financial one as well. That is to say, there is a cost consideration when we have to go back and adapt entire websites with new tactics that we really should have seen coming. Your SEO efforts should always stand the test of time.

Future proof SEO

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Blogging about the blogger; with Lisa Barone

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 07:40

Good day to you my fellow search geeks, I am still interviewing peeps here on the trail, as they are just damn fun to do. This time I wanted to talk to someone we all know well, but at the same time know very little about; Lisa Barone.

You see, (the)Lisa has been writing and live blogging about the industry for many years now, but she’s always covering someone else. I thought it would be fun to reverse the spotlight and give her the stage for once…


Let’s learn about Lisa

Dave; Ok, let’s get the easy stuff done and sorted; How old are you? How much do you weigh? Where do you live? Naaawww…. Just kidding. No stalker bait… How about telling me ‘your sign’ (Chinese astrology)

Lisa; I, apparently, am a dog. Which explains why I'm still single.


Dave; Ok.. does it capture you or not? I’m always curious…. It’s a fun way to get to know you better…

Lisa; Besides the 'seeing things in black and white' part, I'd say, yes, that's probably a fairly good description of me, which is a bit creepy. I'm very protective over the people that are close to me and I'll fight for things to the detriment of myself. It's probably a character flaw, actually. But if you won't fight for the people or things you believe in, what good are you to anyone?  I have a habit of sticking up for the underdog/little guy in my blogging. It's definitely something I've noticed about myself.

Apparently, dogs are credited with being good judges of character. I like to think that's true. I spend a lot of time in social settings being quiet and observing. I like to watch people and their interactions with others. I feel like I learn more that way.  I pick up on who I can trust, what kind of person someone is...and then I'll open up.  I think it probably catches people who know me only through my blogging a little off guard. They expect me to be really loud and snarky and instead I'm a bit quiet. It's not that I'm shy. I'm just trying to see if I can trust you. :)

What's my sign?

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