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Things that piss me off

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 09:27


1. Stoodpid lists.. You this one.

2. Internet marketers that give ignorant advice. They probably don’t even know they are spewing bouquets of dead flowers. Or worse, twisting reality to peddle their equally value-less wares.

3. SEO Rockstars -- nuff said.

4. Search Engines - for changing all the time just when I think I am getting a handle on it.

5. Black Hatters - for making the search engines change all the time…. Bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha….

6. Noobs that ask stooped questions like `How do I rank Top 10 for Google` or `tell me how to rank my site in Google`-- get a life. No one is going to give anything to you. Work for it like the rest of us slobs.

7. Software generated SEO reports - they pump out steamy piles of advice, so bring a scoop and a baggy. .. But mista`Dave, what about the meta-keywords tag??? ..that’s right, keep moving, nothing to see here son.

8. Any sales drivel that says ‘The secret to Googles success is its top secret Page Rank Algorithm’.. really.. Anything that says ‘Top Secret’ in it…..

9. Single line sales inquiries such as -- ‘ I would like to rank on search engines’ or ‘ I am interested in your service’ - until the day I am eating dog food around here, (next week?) don’t even bother. If you can’t show some passion for your site and give at least a little information about what you are doing, I can’t be bothered to even answer the inquiry.

10. Useless self-absorbed posts on a Blog… You know, like this one… :0)

..dats it an dere ain’t no more…..


RSS Real Simple Spamming

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 15 June 2007 16:18

In today’s edition of ‘the Tired and Weary’ I have a little piece about Spam being alive and well in the world of Google. Sure, anyone that is heavily into SEO knows this already, but it can always use a little highlighting.

I ran into a post on John Chow’s site called - Spammer Make Fools of Google – which highlights some of the work left to be done by Google and the other engines. If you want a great example of duplicate content and link spam filters not working together – this is it.

Quote - "Mark Moore, President of, wanted to hit the number one spot for “metal buildings” in Google and rank for thousands of other industry terms such as “steel buildings”, metal garages, etc. What did Mark do to achieve this? He (or someone he hired) “spamdex” his site to the top by using an estimated 6000 plus domains all with an identical, duplicated, replicated web site template and exact same content in all of them."

In this day and age you’d hope things like this didn’t happen, but really.. some are going to get through. Strangely they should have everything in place to deal with such simplistic spamming – so how’s it happening? I think G is counting on PEOPLE ( a-la MySpace/YouTube ) to do their work for them in the form of reporting and not enough is being achieved to fight spam from a technology standpoint.

I still say they need more emphasis on properly identifying and weighting Link Profiles. They created the pigeon hole that is ‘Link Reliance’ within their ranking mechanisms. So they need to use that 'trap' more effectively.

Anyways.. just a quick rant.. I’m Gone!


Are SEOs the Bullies of the internet?

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 18:33

I know a thing or two about bullies. I was a bit of a geeky kid that got the crap kicked out of him on a regular basis. By early high school I had finally ‘lost it’ and started fighting back ( I studied martial arts from around 11 years old). I was never a bully myself, but I trashed enough of them that I was thrown out of a few high schools permanantly. But that is another story – he he

rant.jpgThe trend of SEOs all banding together to harass anyone or anything they don’t like on the internet is becoming a concern for me. Simply because they have the power to generate a TON of bad press towards something, doesn’t mean they should use that weapon as they see fit. Just because the bully CAN beat you up doesn’t give him the RIGHT to do so.


MyBlogLog, Pasternack and Calcainis - Oh My!

There are more than a few instances of late, and for those whom haven’t been playing along at home, we have had the Pasternack affair, Calcainis spouts off and the recent MyBlogLog tussle. I am certainly not even interested in giving my side or feelings on them… do you know why? Because I could care less. There will always be detractors of any industry and websites that screw up with their decision making. So what?

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Google Penalties and Filters

Written by David Harry   
Sunday, 11 February 2007 19:54

Let's get this straight

I feel a RANT coming on here people – be ready to duck. I was making the rounds and ended up on Danny’s Daily SearchCast and a reference to a list of ‘possible’ Google penalties and filters on Joe Whyte’s site. This is where the blood began to boil.

rant.jpgWTF is with SEO folks and their incessant need to pigeon-hole every little theory no matter how silly or even illogical it is. While I am a fan of search technologies, I think it’s been agreed it isn’t ‘rocket science’. It certainly doesn’t need to be filled up with unnecessary mythologies and misdirection.

I have re-organized the list from it’s original form and added MY interpretations of these so-called ‘Penalties and Filters’.

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Bad SEO Part I

Written by David Harry   
Sunday, 28 January 2007 09:35

accahd.gifI decided to start a new series called ‘Bad SEO’ – to highlight what to look for and funny anecdotes about encounters with some uh.. not-so-professional Search Engine Optimization providers out there. I am certainly NOT going to start ‘outing’ people (naming offenders) – simply posting chronicles as a warning to the consumer; and a good laugh for the professional (hard working) SEO craftsperson. ‘Tis borne from unfortunate tales and wary consumers all in need of reassurance.

So I say to all you SEO Hacks out there – the Reality Train is a comin’ – Get off the tracks or get run over.

12 Step Program - Things you DON’T want to see on a SEO provider’s website;
<< Much of this rant is based on a REAL SEO site/provider, tho a few are JUST ME ranting – let the debate begin! >>

Here we go...

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