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Why Google Personalized Search is Important to You

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 05 November 2007 06:18

I know we’ve been down the road of fear and loathing with personalized search before. I know that most folks never felt the need to worry about it – all smoke and no fire it would seem. I know that once a year or so there are new concerns about what personalized search might someday mean to the average SEO practitioner, (back to 2003?). So why would I hammer the head of this well beaten nail yet again? I believe some events last week have brought new light onto this topic.

Hey Google! Can you hear me now?For the uninitiated, Google’s Personalized Search is a service that attempts to get to know you and your searching habits better, in hopes that it will be more relevant in the future from culling your ongoing activities. Or as Google likes to put it; “search algorithms that are designed to take your personal preferences into account, including the things you search for and the sites you visit which they believe ultimately will, “have better odds of delivering useful results”. I find the use of the term ‘better odds’  interesting, if by design or not, since much of the underlying technologies incorporate a probabilistic model for delivering results. You could call it ‘educated guessing’.

Getting signed up for a Google account is pretty easy as it is automatic across Gmail, AdSense, Orkut, Group Alerts, Google Analytics and many other services. Personalized Search is turned on by default and as Danny Sullivan put it, “I completely missed that this was added as a default choice to the new account sign-up page. In fact, I missed it twice, as I tested the system by making two different accounts.”

So what has changed you asked? Well, let's add to that mix the Google Computer and Google-Phone (OS and partners) to also consider.


The not-so-distant Future

Envision for a moment if you will, a time far, far away… 2 years from today (a long time in technology land), where we see this type of savvy consumer;

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The Value of SEO

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 22 October 2007 19:15

Look at the source code

A few weeks ago I mentioned a post that I had come across that had been asking various search marketing types what they felt was a good description of the value proposition for SEO. At the time I said I would come back to it, and so I have. I hadn't stopped to think about where search optimization fits into the marketing toolbox in quite some time, this is as good a day as any to give it a whirl.


Why do we optimize?

So, what is the value of search engine optimization? How does one rationalize it, or how can its advantages be articulated to the potential client or lay person?

To start with in simplest terms, what's the point of a website without traffic? Generally not much, as far as I am concerned. If you spend your wad on that fancy new car and have nothing left over for gas, you’d better be in shape to push it around town my friend. Regardless if it is Paid or Organic (natural search), you will need to consider search engines as a viable traffic source during the website's life cycle. Consider that the search SERP Everfluxmarketing industry itself is still growing some 39% worldwide and as such, natural search considerations (the more desirable of the two) are constantly increasing pressure on business and web site owners to upgrade their offerings in an effort to further compete in the marketplace.

So what are the core values of SEO?

I suppose if I were to explain it, strangely this is the case at the moment, I would have to put the valuations into two camps; the ‘traffic value’ and the ‘implied value’. While the main goal of SEO is to attain (targeted) traffic, there are a few other more intrinsic considerations to be had;

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Does Google hate your market?

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 27 September 2007 03:28

 Do you have a 'Quality' site?

I was travelling around the other day and I ran into a post by Judy from the Inside Adwords crew that was discussing issues related to landing page scores and sites that will most likely find it ‘difficult to advertise affordably’. --- Websites that may merit a low landing page quality score --

While it is for the PPC world not SEO, I think it does show some insight into what the fine folks at Google are feeling about things… so why not have a look;

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Your SEO Sucks

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 21 September 2007 07:04

Ok… are we sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Apparently my Spam filters are working too well since I ain’t getting no good web marketing Spam lately… whadda drag since I am determined to Stop the SEO Madness. So I guess I will simply go search the web for SEO services and see what I can find…. The Ol ‘Don’t wait for your ship to com in, swim out and get it’ method.

The other day some smart ass asked me why, “ if yer so good why aren’t U ranked #1 for ‘SEO Services’?” – I told him cause I don’t wanna answer dumb ass inquiries all day with crap like “I want to be a PR6” or “Makes me rank in Googles” …. Been there done that. I don't do much actual SEO on my sites... word of mouth keeps me happy thank you very much. Anyway, I decided to search that term for some fun.

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Stop the SEO madness

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 00:06

Can anyone out there tell me why the world of SEO is sooooooo screwed up??? I have been in marketing since the early 90s and have never seen so much mis-guided ‘get rich quick’ type of hype as I see on a daily basis with SEO (internet marketing in general).

Is it because anyone can get a web business relatively easy so there is a huge pool of suckers out there?

Is it because there is no governing body out there to effectively manage the reputation of the industry?

Because of a lack of true understanding about the basics of SEO in the greater marketplace?

Can some one puuullleaaaze tell me what is going on.

From this day forward, I am going to commit myself to outing each and every scammy service, advertisement and provider I can get my hands on. I am going to scream from the top of the mountain tops about what is garbage and what is a quality offering in the SEO marketplace. Somebody get me lawyer… cause I am gonna need one!

So if you’re an SEO addict, enthusiast or interested citizen, lend me your ear. Lend me your mouth as well... speak up!
It’s time to do some house cleaning…..


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