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How to protect your engagement data

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 13 December 2007 07:27

It's My Data and I'll Hide if I want to

It's pretty late at the moment, but I was just thinking about some recent site development strategies I have been implementing and why exactly, I am going about things the way I am. And so why not walk together right? I thought so.... let's go this way...

 Much of it revolves around Google Web services and the potential ramifications they may have to a site used prematurely or recklessly. What do I mean by prematurely? Bear with me a little longer and I shall enhance the picture for you. To start with let’s look at a few common tools and incursions that the average webmaster may employ.

You know the types; Google SiteMap - Google Analytics - Google Site Search - Google AdSense

Each of them has the ability to digest a great deal of information about your site and the actions of users on a page by page or site wide (global) basis depending on the implementation and tools being used. Add to that the myriad of other bots that come to your page, (indexing, filtering, spam bots, etc...) . a search engine can begin to build a clearer image of an over-all perceived value of your page(s) statistically, far better than they could without such additional data. I don’t bloody care what anyone says; there is an inherent risk in giving away any type of performance metrics from your site…. So what to do?  This is where I look to the systemic fauna that grows out from this conundrum. In short, what's the easiest way to account for this potential problem without breaking a sweat?


Puzzle Pieces - the 3Ms

In a world of search marketing that has roots growing ever closer to human interaction measurement, analysis and application in tandem with other existing scoring methods, there is only one thing to be feared; A poorly developed website.
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The Art of Personalized Search Optimization

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 03 December 2007 04:14

Making Personalized Search Work for You

Welcome to the final leg of this journey into what Personalized Search is and why webmasters and SEO professionals should take the time to understand it better. This time around we will look at what you can do from an SEO perspective to best leverage Personalized Search Optimization. So far we looked at;

Part I; Why Google’s Personalized Search is important – examining the pervasive nature of Google accounts and Personalized Search now and in the future
Part II; I have seen the future and it is VERY personal – Looks at recent business moves by Google and touches on User Performance Metrics
Part III; What every SEO should know about Personalized Search – takes apart the various methods under the hood.

I have no idea where to begin!?!Sure, this has been a long winded diatribe, but I wanted to make sure that this was not taken lightly. Besides, I started writing and it simply kept growing and growing, the concept was more important than brevity in the end. If you hadn’t come across it, there was some interesting speculation about a recent Google Labs experiment that is worth also reading. It sheds yet more light upon concepts relating to User Performance Metrics (UPMs) in the Google Search kingdom.

Let’s get underway….


User Performance Metrics are Personal

A term we have bandied about a few times during this qudra-post is User Performance Metrics. Whhaaaaatt the...?? Ok, In simplest terms UPMs are data sets a search engine measures from prior information retrieval processes and activities (searches) including query data, user information, and document information. The search engine seeks to get to know you and your preferences better by actively or passively collecting information on what you do.

Not only what you select/interact with from a given set of search results (or the Ads served with them), but what you do not select or have minimal interactions with (bounce rates) can have an effect. These metrics can be used to create a greater probability model for future search result sets. Ultimately the search results could have active user interactions (see Digg-Style) in addition to more passive collection methods (Google desktop, toolbar, IP, cookies, Google account et al).

You can think of it in terms of conversions in many ways. The better a given item performs becomes another factor in deciding what it is and its relative value. So when you think of ‘ranking’ in a world of UPMs you start to move into how best insight interest in a target page beyond merely throwing links at a it with heavy duty keyword densities and targeted title tag. There are a new set of challenges that need to be addressed and added to the play book.

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Google and the Digg-stlye Experiment

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 30 November 2007 15:49

While I am doing some quick takes here, I also thought it worth mentioning the hub-bub people are on about regarding a recent Google Labs experiment. The basic idea is letting users have some editorial control (reminds me of this) in the form of a Digg-style control set. If you haven’t already, you can get basic details at; Google Experimental or Googlified and an expanded take at Venture Beat (or Google it)

The main point for me is further reason to be paying attention to User Performance Metrics and Personalized Search. Remember what I was saying the other day?

Maybe someday the Google Toolbar or FireFox Browser (whom Google funds quite well) on your logged in, cross-device/platform Google account, will have something similar to a StumbleUpon ‘thumbs up/down’ type of application. The below cited patent also describes as; “a remove feature selectable object within a web browser application window”. So via web interface or ultimately the toolbar, options avail;

“Sometimes the search results include a web page that the user deems undesirable. This web page may be deemed undesirable by the user because the web page is spam, the web page relates to content unrelated to the user's interests, the web page contains content that the user dislikes or finds offensive, or for some other reason.” From; Removing Documents

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What every SEO should know about Personalized Search

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 21 November 2007 04:29

Google and Personalized Search Part III : How Personalized Search Works

 When last I approached this I was explaining some compelling reasons to give personalized search concepts a second look in your SEO efforts. Most of the reasons related to the increasing pervasiveness of Google Accounts, Personalization and User Performance Metrics. Sure, I know, that sounds all brain-squishy, but it’s not that hard to get around. To get some perspective read my past posts; Why Google Personalized Search is important and I have seen the future and it is VERY personal .

Let's ring the bell and begin round III shall we?

We established;

Google Search is King
Google accounts are pervasive
Google Computers are hot
G-Mobile gives another avenue
Open-Social brings reach
Google TV and Magazines? O come..on...
So Google Battles Microsoft….for world domination.

And of course…. Google accounts and ultimately, Personalized Search are even more pervasive than ever - Right? Ya follow? Do ya? Good me mateys...moving along.


What is this Personalized Search and Why Should I Care?

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I have seen the future and it is VERY personal

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 14 November 2007 05:55


Personalized Search and User Metric SEO

So have you been listening? You know, when I was saying that understanding Google’s ‘Personalized Search’ would be very important moving forward in the world of SEO? Sure you did, but you simply blew me off ‘cause we have all heard this before and no one in the industry seems to be making much of a fuss, right? Why listen to this whacked out wandering web Gypsy? He’s cute and kinda funny… but he doesn’t really live on the cutting edge right?

Well straighten up and listen here my apathetic apostles lest you flounder in SEO purgatory in the years to come. There is a new wind a blowin’ and the Good Ship Google has set a course that most certainly has ramifications for all of those seeking SERP nirvana.


We are the Google – Resistance is futile 

When we left off I was talking about the pervasive nature of Google accounts over a variety of offerings , all of which automatically assign you a Google account and have personalized search turned on by default. Even the venerable GreyWolf ranted earlier this week about the Borg and his Google desktop and how he struggled to turn off the Personalized Search aspects buried within it's deepest bowels. We will be haunted by the ghost of personalized search (PS) for years to come my friends, heed these warnings well.

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