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The Quest for Social Search Sensibilities

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 21 April 2008 22:08

Another chat with Bill Slawski

Where is the future of Search headed? Will algorithmic, link based, search engines continue to rule the roost? Or will the Web 2.0 world produce a social search engine that takes the world by storm? What about a mix of both?

These are some of the questions that have been bantered about with a few of my friends in the SEO and SMM worlds over the last few months. As you might imagine, the views are as varied as the individuals I talk to. Many of my mates in the social media marketing world tend to believe that people are the answer to search relevance and the death of spam. I personally can’t see a straight social search approach ultimately providing the most relevant results. Granted it is hard to say as there have been no widely-accepted/used social search engines and the premise requires a larger data set than we can see so far. So for me the jury is still out.

For me, search engines are always taking in implied or passive data, which in many ways is a form of social search engineering (behavioural targeting at very least).

Talking to the experts

I don’t really do a lot of interviews here, but I do enjoy bringing conversations public and over the next few weeks shall be asking a few friends to talk about this with me here on the Trail. First up; technical search geek and fellow algo-holic – Bill Slawski (we last chatted here)


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The perfect paid link honeypot

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 14 April 2008 09:18

John Chow is a rebel and a madman!

In my travels this morning I cam across a website that got me thinking. Specifically, I was thinking of what types of honey pots the fine folks at Google might set up to help them in their quest to squash the paid links industry. I mean people are not always the brightest when it comes to buying them; to that end I give you The Social Millionaire.

Million Dollar link screw

This site, that John Chow reviewed (and didn’t nofollow links to, duh), and describes as; “a site that tries combine the appeal of social networks with the goal of raising one million dollars.” – is another million dollar pixel game that essentially sells you a link. This is simply easy hunting for the fine folks at Google as the links do not have the ever popular ‘nofollow’ attribute.

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I am a user not just a dealer

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 29 March 2008 14:54

Don’t @&#! on my porch

Which way to go?I was re-reading all the posts and comments about this week’s hot topic (once more) – SEO Standards. At one point there was mention about talking to clients about what an SEO firm is willing or unwilling to do as far as methodologies for reaching results. You know what I mean, so-called; grey and black hat tactics. Thus with my penchant for distraction I wandered off and thought to myself, ‘why do I provide services in the manner that I do?’ Why is it that I play fairly close to the belt and not engage in shenanigans that I am all too familiar with? Not technically disadvantaged from at least, I understand the colors of the rainbow with the search opportunist hats that one can wear.


Why do I do what I do, the way that I do, not the other way of doing it?

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Running into Googles Great Wall of SERP defense

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 22:41

Young Guns of SEO - Brian Chappell

Lets face it Google has been around for a while now. They have enough sites indexed to serve quality results for just about anything you type in. If you are like me and have been optimizing for a while now you have noticed a trend with highly competitive niches and phrases, where taking over top ranking sites can be like destroying the great wall of china.

the Great Wallof Google
Main src

Google doesn't need your new site, nor mine for its index. You have got to give them a good reason to rank your site high. There is something I have noticed over the years with regards to moving up the rankings in hyper-competitive niches that I thought I would share with you.

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Alls fair in love and SEO

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 10 March 2008 06:44

 Why worrying about shady SEO can be pointless.

This is a little story about how the world is unfair – grow up and get used to it. I am going to explain some realities that many website owners may not be all that thrilled with. I am gonna bitch slap those of you that Search Engine Oportunistdon’t ‘get it’ until you start to drift back to sweet mother earth instead of languishing in the clouds. We’re gonna get one thing straight – there is nothing FAIR about how the world of SEO works.

I was doing some blog wandering and noticed a rant by Matt over at SEO Unique that echoes sentiments I have heard far and wide from bloggers, forums flies and comment junkies alike. What is with those spammy shit sites in Google’s index?

“….. and started my analysis of the site (the next day). The site had keyword stuffing all over the place, their backlinks were so obviously all paid for, the anchor text did not change at all - 100% one phrase and where was this douche ranking? Well 2nd of course (grrr), as many of us bloggers and site owners keep receiving penalties from Google for the occasional “suspicious” link or two - sites that must make hundreds of millions of pounds can get away with it by the looks of it (old news I know)!”

… let’s get a few things straight my fine peeps;

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