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Organic and Paid Search Conversions

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 25 September 2006 20:51

Blow away the smoke and look in the Mirror folks. I was very interested to see an article named “Organic Conversions Match Paid Search Conversions” especially since I recently published some data on Organic V Paid Search. Is it heresy? Is it Link Bait? Let's look closer.

Upon following up on it I realized a simpler reality. Even IF I agree with this study the caveat that, ‘it's important to note that the study shows that organic search volumes tend to be about 1.5 times higher than paid search volume’

What does that mean? It means you will still have higher GROSS sales/conversions via Organic search targeting. I have to wonder what PPC slanted groupies are behind this. I dare say another important part had not been factored in and that is the Cost of Sales. Even in the short term (3-6 months) PPC is likely to cost 200% more to deliver than the SEO outsourcing. This means we now take that from the PPC pie and it’s true value becomes more apparent.

I believe they both have their place and we should not keep pitting them against one another and start to use them for the tools they are.



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