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Listening to the Spam Assassins

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 19 June 2009 08:31

Well, given all the hub-bub over Matt and the magic NF tag, I shall simply direct you to a post here on ‘sculpting’ the day before the whole thang hit the fan. One should always relied on more statistical approaches to site architecture…nuff said.

As for me, I’ve noticed a few other things in between the dramas that are actually noteworthy... but that will have to wait for next week… For now, while this video (from Matt Cutts; spam assassin) has some of the usual stuff, I submit to you;

There’s gold in them thar’ hills!!

Next week, we’ll look at something that’s more interesting from all of this….

SEOs = Baaaad M’kay?

Another interesting area that I have been digging in since we last talked about search engines thinking of us as adversaries is web spam. I have started a comprehensive list of web spam approaches and resources - look for that soon as well.

One reasonably well known fella in this area is a gentleman by the name of Dr. Marc Najork (spam assassin at Microsoft Research).

Understanding Web Spam

When you have the time, listen to it entirely – know this my spunky optimizers, good intentions and all, you are the enemy to some search engineers…


Have a great weekend - ciao


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