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Hey Google NoFollow this!

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 09 June 2008 09:15


A Monday morning rant

I love Google as much as the next guy or maybe more than most… Not only the search engine and many apps and services I play with, but I also enjoy how the engineers think (Patent hound here ya know)… but the whole link FUD has finally started to irk me.

I have yet to write about the ‘nofollow’ fiasco… today it changes.

Are we simply a gutless bunch of weenies under the spell of the mighty G? Methinks it’s true.

Matt McGee is a guy I enjoy reading and have respected for some time … and still do. BUT this morning I noticed a post of his that was thanking some advertisers and highlighting some of there posts. He not only nofollowed the links to some of their recent posts, but felt he had to state that they were nofollowed. Good lord, is this what we’ve come to?

Eat my shorts

Over the last while I have had guest posters here and recently gave some thanks by not only highlighting their posts, but also showing a little link love for folks to go and read some of their other greatness. Now, while they didn’t pay for those links, nor the ones in their Bio on the posts… one could surmise in the unspoken rules of the game that they in some small measure did barter for them… which could be construed as bad Ju Ju by the fine folks at Google…. Oh I am such a baaaad boy. Shouldn’t all media outlets and article repositories/directories be whacked? We all know it is a veiled method for obtaining links not traffic, right?

I truly felt that the whole nofollow gag was about people that were actually selling text links to peeps for the expressed purpose of manipulating PageRank, or for every link that one worried about getting in trouble for (or for potentially shady neighbourhoods).

I am pretty sure Matt never offered links as part of the advertising package which means he should be free to highlight them as he pleases… but oooooo nooo…. Look out here comes the Google SERP Police, best be careful.

It is a sad statement on the times

It’s a damned funny preposition really if we think about it. At its core Google is a nodal/link based algorithm that depends largely on the links of the web to establish popularity and to a certain degree, value.  Now, what if…. by some strange twist of fate, the majority of the world’s webmasters and site owners decided to Nofollow all of their outbound links in a sort of, ‘better safe than sorry’ manoeuvre?

Can you imagine the mess that would make? He he… I dare say, to a certain degree it would make a helluva mess in the SERPs and ultimately cause them to rethink the ranking processes

…. Bah humbug, bitter and disillusioned on a Monday morning….


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