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Google and the Digg-stlye Experiment

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 30 November 2007 15:49

While I am doing some quick takes here, I also thought it worth mentioning the hub-bub people are on about regarding a recent Google Labs experiment. The basic idea is letting users have some editorial control (reminds me of this) in the form of a Digg-style control set. If you haven’t already, you can get basic details at; Google Experimental or Googlified and an expanded take at Venture Beat (or Google it)

The main point for me is further reason to be paying attention to User Performance Metrics and Personalized Search. Remember what I was saying the other day?

Maybe someday the Google Toolbar or FireFox Browser (whom Google funds quite well) on your logged in, cross-device/platform Google account, will have something similar to a StumbleUpon ‘thumbs up/down’ type of application. The below cited patent also describes as; “a remove feature selectable object within a web browser application window”. So via web interface or ultimately the toolbar, options avail;

“Sometimes the search results include a web page that the user deems undesirable. This web page may be deemed undesirable by the user because the web page is spam, the web page relates to content unrelated to the user's interests, the web page contains content that the user dislikes or finds offensive, or for some other reason.” From; Removing Documents

These are entirely possible scenarios and are once more, potential features attached to a person’s Google account in the near future. There are many potential ranking mechanisms that I have been discussing of late that more and more warrant some consideration.  

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