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Google Profiles primed to get Openly Social

Written by David Harry   
Sunday, 16 December 2007 23:15

So have you tired yet of this Web Gypsy’s ranting about Google, user performance metrics and personalized search? I sure hope not because I came across something that I simply had to tell you! I just think that this is completely on par with what I have been ranting about the last 6 weeks.

If you go back on this journey and recount how I was rambling incessantly about the proliferation of new Google platforms and applications would likely see an increase in Google accounts, and ultimately Personalized Search. So did you think I was merely blowing smoke up your backside? Did you start fitting me Google Profilesfor a Tin Foil hat and a new sport coat with arms that attach in the back?

Well then my friend; Say hello to Google Profiles (more on GoogleSystem and TechCrunch)

I can TOTALLY see this happening. Mind you, I do imagine that some where there are some Open Social developers just dreaming up ways to make Google one big Social Network for business and personal. What is certain is that the reality of a broader more ubiquitous Google account user base is certainly on the horizon.


And Speaking of Personalized Search

I also started playing with Google Custom Search Results Subscriptions. This gives a Google account user the ability to add a given site into their search results. They describe it as being much like Google OneBox that is created by 3rd parties. There is an excellent write up about it on GoogleSystem (and earlier) - you can get started on Google here (and a related patent).

To be honest I don’t see a big future on this one until it becomes a little more user friendly. It is interesting though, looking at the directions they are toying with. Much of this is a user centric model that once more means a level of change for the world’s SEO pundits.

So be on the look-out for Google Profiles, yet another sign that builds upon the implications of UPMs (user performance metrics), personalized search and the world of SEO as we have known it. Mind you, that has always been the way, one adaptation after another. Keeps it interesting, oui?

L8TR… May ya’ll be in the holiday spirit this week!

ADDED: there is another post of interest in this over at Search Engine Land; Google Unifying and putting more emphasis on Profiles and another on Wired titled; Google Profiles Consolidate Your G-Identity and I even spotted a post from Andy which asks; Dear Google, My friends are scary, Can I opt out?


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