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Google Bombs go BOOM

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 26 January 2007 11:51 oops.. I mean 'Link Bombs'

I was just posting this over at SEO Yak and figured I would put a quick heads up here as well. Apparently Google Bombing has been dealt a blow of its own; Matt Cutts of Google (fame?) mentioned a recent piece of his on the Google Webmaster Blog that discusses what Google is doing to defuse this nasty little sport. There is also mention of a breakdown from Danny Sullivan – I am still reading that one..

Sounds interesting … more to come after I get some sleep and read up more...

Ok still up... who needs sleep anyways, right?  – well it seems Matt and Co are givin’ it the ol ‘Hidey Ho’ and simply passing off the update (why the fuss Matt?) and his ‘gang’ merely slid along by letting us know that they are, “improving our analysis of the link structure of the web” – Which is really great kids because it will likely  be “minimizing the impact of many Googlebombs” – or so we’re told.

..and that’s about it. The rest is a mini-history lesson and the basics of Gbombing and the Plex’s feelings about it. Pretty standard stuff here. GoogleBombing was a passing fancy for me that lost it’s luster fast…  oh well… nothing to see here… Move along…

Over in Danny’s article MC was quoted as saying, “It's completely algorithmic, we're not going to claim it's 100 percent perfect”. Danny then gives a deeper background and analysis of GBombing… nodding off now…

OH Wait!!!!

GreyWolf decided to drop by.. and had some ‘organic Matt Baiting’ going on and Matt chimed in some more in the comments with;

"santorum “isn't a Googlebomb, it's straight SEO. Here's the difference. With a Googlebomb, you're causing someone else's site to rank. With SEO, you're promoting your own site. So is promoting themselves for [santorum], which is SEO.

This change isn't targeting SEO, so it doesn't impact people trying to rank their own sites. Another historical example is [french military victories]. That's not a Googlebomb; that's one person trying to SEO their own page to #1 for a phrase.

A Googlebomb is when you're trying to cause *someone else's* site to rank for phrases like "???? ??????" or "talentless hack" or "mouton insignifiant" or whatever.”

Yeah.. howl on that Wolfman – or Matts taking all his marbles and going home.

Next up - Bill Slawski chimed in with a reference to a favorite paper of mine on Phrase-based indexing in an information retrieval system. To which Bill added

“Instead of [BOMB otherwords], it tries to locate "related phrases" (some examples in the patent application). It also provides a means of weighing the strength of related phrases

At which point Matt DID take his marbles away… by saying;

“Bill, that's an interesting find. I don't think we plan to talk about it in more detail than saying it's improved link analysis, so unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny that links to a given page are interacting with bit vectors

..and for me?? It’s been another LOOONNNGG Nite


ADDED;  How about a little more follow up?? Sure...why not

First Matt was sighted over at Threadwatch  reassuring theFounder that;

"this wasn't manual, it was an algorithm. It also counteracts the Googlebomb for e.g. [waffles] that brought up John Kerry, as well as Googlebombs in other languages such as ëçóôÝò ."

My next encounter was Adam Lasnik over at WebMaster World who was also dealing with the issue of it being manual or algorithmic,

"As noted in the blogpost, it was done algorithmically. We really prefer to tackle things scalably like that... just makes more sense long-term."

SOOOOOOO…. So there we have it kiddies… IT WAS AN ALGO TWEAK – Ok? - or was it? Break out the Tin Foil Ma... it's hat makin time!

… that’s all I have at the moment… if you find more, be sure to let me know. It's sum fine entertainment -


More ADDED Jan. 27; Matt also did a little more follow up on his Blog saying;

"this change only targets Googlebombs, not anything else. MaxD, I’m not saying that all anchortext weighting has been changed, only Googlebombs. HitProf gave a good example in the comments on Danny’s post. He said that a Dutch Googlebomb for [raar kapsel] has been counteracted, for example."


"technically that example is not a Googlebomb, because the site in question *wants* to show up for the query. A Googlebomb happens when someone pushes *someone else’s* site up for a query. Another example is [french military victories]. That’s not a Googlebomb, because the #1 site wants to rank at #1. That’s just straight-out SEO. This change only targets Googlebombs."

I do have to wonder about the explanation tho. How does the algo know who ‘wants’ to ‘show up for a query’ and who doesn’t? Aren’t natural, editorially given links, simply a reflection of people’s interest that ‘pushes *someone else’s* site up for a query’?

Algo - Manual – Algo - Manual --- I know! They ‘manually’ adapted the ‘algo’ to find the Bombs in question… bwaa ha ha ha ha ha

..and that’s it, I do believe…  or is it?


 JAN 28; Apparently not - I just ran into a secondary Howl from the Wolf.. so here is some further musings on the Mysteries of the GoogleBomb algo defuser...


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