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Does Google hate your market?

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 27 September 2007 03:28

 Do you have a 'Quality' site?

I was travelling around the other day and I ran into a post by Judy from the Inside Adwords crew that was discussing issues related to landing page scores and sites that will most likely find it ‘difficult to advertise affordably’. --- Websites that may merit a low landing page quality score --

While it is for the PPC world not SEO, I think it does show some insight into what the fine folks at Google are feeling about things… so why not have a look;

First we have;

“Types of websites that will be penalized with low landing page quality scores: Arbitrage sites that are designed for the sole purpose of showing ads “ --- Sure looks like they are after some of the MFAs out there (Made for AdSense) huh?

And then we have

“The following types of websites are likely to merit low landing page quality scores and may be difficult to advertise affordably. In addition, it's important for advertisers of these types of websites to adhere to our landing page quality guidelines regarding unique content. “ --- Ooooo and Scrapers too???  This is getting fun now….

Then in the examples we have;

“eBook sites that show frequent ads  -- 'Get rich quick' sites -- Comparison shopping sites -- Travel aggregators -- Affiliates that don't comply with our affiliate guidelines”

So why am I on about it and what’s it got to do with SEO? There is a common ‘theme’ running through that post that has implications for SEO folks as well as PPC folks. Does Google like your market? It gets me thinking about the AS bots having a little chat with the Organic search bots…. And you could imagine that conversation.

The AdSense program has its relevance identifiers as does the organic side. It isn’t much of a leap to think that these ‘guidelines’ could be taken heed of for the SEO community as it is in the PPC community. There are some subtle judgements being made about sites that could all to easily become integrated into the organic indexing and retrieval process of the regular search index.

That’s all… a little ‘hmmmmm’ in my journeys.

Play safe….


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