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Are SEOs the Bullies of the internet?

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 18:33

I know a thing or two about bullies. I was a bit of a geeky kid that got the crap kicked out of him on a regular basis. By early high school I had finally ‘lost it’ and started fighting back ( I studied martial arts from around 11 years old). I was never a bully myself, but I trashed enough of them that I was thrown out of a few high schools permanantly. But that is another story – he he

rant.jpgThe trend of SEOs all banding together to harass anyone or anything they don’t like on the internet is becoming a concern for me. Simply because they have the power to generate a TON of bad press towards something, doesn’t mean they should use that weapon as they see fit. Just because the bully CAN beat you up doesn’t give him the RIGHT to do so.


MyBlogLog, Pasternack and Calcainis - Oh My!

There are more than a few instances of late, and for those whom haven’t been playing along at home, we have had the Pasternack affair, Calcainis spouts off and the recent MyBlogLog tussle. I am certainly not even interested in giving my side or feelings on them… do you know why? Because I could care less. There will always be detractors of any industry and websites that screw up with their decision making. So what?

Is this some personal affront to an individual in the industry that we are all supposed to gang up on said offender? Is that the gig? I read CRAPPY SEO information and opinions every day… if we are truly trying to clean up the world, I dare say we‘d be writing about some one or some site non-stop 24/7. So why are these people and sites centered out for special attention?

Call me cynical, but this crap usually comes off sounding ‘personal’ to me. Not as defending the industry and not looking out for my best interests ( ie; MyBlogLog security holes). Is it just some great LinkBait? And do you know how to play the 'link nepotism' game? It's all the rage with the hip crowd you know. My kingdom for a clique! < tongue firmly planted in cheek of course >

Follow the Money

Or is that ‘follow the ShoeMoney’? Who knows. I am not part of the ‘old boys’ of SEO club ..  no one tells me anything(where's my membership dudes?). So, being a cynical old fart, I have to look at whom benefits from these diatribes. I am MOST certain that the ‘A Line’ SEOs that start all of this (they’d likely say the OTHER side start it of course) do profit from the hype and viral goodness that comes with controversy (or at least some. "fun numbers") After all, it is one of the main ‘hooks’ for link baiting, right folks?

I am sure Mr Pasternack and his ilk make out just fine as it polarizes the ‘SEO Haters’ to their side, which is all good for them as well. To this day, I would have NO IDEA who Dave Pasternack is really, had it not been for the decision by the ‘SEO Masters’ and marketers to make him the ‘link bait’ flavor of the month.

Walking a fine line

I can’t help think that this trend is not really all that good for a young industry looking to gain more confidence from business owners. advertisers and marketers. We have enough messes to clean up with the mis-information, shoddy providers and other scams out there. Are we looking to add ‘virtual extortionists’ to that list? Are we headed towards, “ Do as we say, play how we say, Or we’ll slam U like we did Pasternack or MyBlogLog” ? There is a difference between standing up for what you believe in and being a bully. I don’t feel it has been a ‘measured’ response on these issues. Creating SEO contests on some one's name and callng for a boycott on certain sites as 'punishment', is a disturbing trend.

In the end, it is a happy relationship. These become the greatest of Link Bait exercises that all the major players involved benefit from. I feel bad for all those that blindly follow along with wanton disregard for how any of this may seem to the outside world. Nor does anyone question it – simply following along with the ‘SEO Masters’ – ‘as you wish M’lord’ and all that lot.

Am I the only one noticing this? Or simply the only one foolish enough to stand up to the Bully without fear of ‘reprisal’? I tire of these games, they are trivial and damaging to an industry I have a great deal of passion for.

Until next time – watch your step.

ADDED; I mentioned the other day that Schoemoney looked happy about his fun numbers.

Today I noticed on a post at Threadwatch about Go Daddy some one said,"How about A Dave Pasternik competition for "Godaddy". They deserve shite publicity."

This is my point, we have now trained the SEO world that this is an aceptable practice and the norm? Man, High School daze all over again -


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