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SEO Geeks Picks 09; Yahoo Search Patents

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 16:33

SEO Geeks Picks 09; Yahoo Search Patents

Last but not least… ok, well maybe so.. is Yahoo. Once upon a time they were #2 in the big swim but with the prospect of BingHoo, they’ve taken somewhat of a back seat in my patent watching. If you’re somewhat new to the world of SEO geekdom, it is worth noting that Yahoo has some of the foremost talent in the ‘query analysis’ world. I’d at least recommend digging into those.

Beyond that, Yahoo does put out more social media/networking related patents than G and MS combined. I haven’t included social patents that were non-search related here though. I will be posting a round up of social patents in the near future… so watch for that…


Yahoo Search Patents 2009

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SEO Geeks Picks 09; Microsoft Search Patents

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 15:52

Ok, so are you getting into the swing of things here? In this, our third instalment of our ‘Top Picks 09’ we’re getting into more patents. Cause yea, I know ya’ll just LOVE this stuff right? Well, hey, the next time you’re researching a given aspect of search, these lists can be very useful reading… Just sayin’

The folks at MS are easily the most active when it comes to search patents… actually, they’re also far more active than Google and Yahoo when it comes to research papers as well. While it hasn’t translated into a better engine or greater market share, they have proven themselves to be capable search engineers.

Once more there are a lot of patents on behavioural data (implicit/explicit user feedback) which is followed by an interest in semantic and query analysis. It does seem search engines are seeking methods outside of the traditional link model… Kudos for that!


Microsoft Patents 2009

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SEO Geeks Picks 09; Google Search Patents

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 15:08

Next up in our ‘Top Picks’ for 2009', (Geek style) is the world of patents. If there is one area that continues to heat up is the behavioural data world. From all of the Big 3(?) we noticed a definite trend to seeing more on implicit/explicit user feedback.

This one is for the patents coming from the folks at Google… Beyond the behavioural stuff, we also noticed an up-tick in patents relating to Geo-local and Universal search elements. Which of course does seem to be much of what Google is going after these days (personal, geo, universal).

Who knew watching patents could foretell the future?

Google Search Patents from 2009

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Using Link Text Management to Go Vertical

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 15:03

(The Following is a post by Ken Lyons )

How to create a diversity dashboard

Varying your link anchor text is an effective method for ranking on a wide variety of search queries. And the more keyword variations you rank for, the more verticals you penetrate, the more traffic you can drive to your website. But diversifying link text isn't as simple as it sounds. Aimlessly varying link text without a plan in place is counterproductive.

To be truly effective, you should engage in link text management, which includes:

  • Identifying relevant yet popular keyword variations to target
  • Organizing those keyword variants into actionable clusters
  • Tracking your link text efforts, including anchor text variety and frequency

Having wrestled with these issues, I'd like to share some tips and techniques I've developed to create a link text management system. Also, I'm going to introduce you to a new free tool that helps to streamline link text management, by finding and organizing relevant keyword variations into actionable groups for you.

New tools from WordStream

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White Coat SEO resolutions for the New Year

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 14 December 2009 14:17

My challenge to the community for 2010

This post has been a long time coming. This is a topic that dives me mad to no end. Can you imagine a web developer that didn’t know HTML? A conversion expert that doesn’t know what Google Analytics is? How about a social media marketer that’s never heard of Twitter?

Well, to me, that’s what an SEO professional who doesn’t understand a search engine is.

And I am not talking about understanding search engines in the sense of having a grip on the difference between a regular SERP and a Universal one. We’re talking about actually digging into the nuts and bolts of Information Retrieval and related sciences (linguistics, NLP, machine learning etc..). 

Let us bear in mind that ‘search’ and ‘engine’ make up 2/3rds of the job title…. It seems almost intuitive that this is an area of study.

A new goal for 2010

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