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Video SEO for Ecommerce

Written by Terry Van Horne   
Wednesday, 07 July 2010 13:08

The case for Ecommerce Video is improving despite the tracking and difficulties of indexing it. I recently talked to Jason at WorldMusicSupply about the video campaign we started in early 2007. Although the videos have been viewed over 14 Million times with over 300,000 channel views the sales and revenue have not been as good as expected.

The Case for Video

Overall the traffic to the WorldMusicSupply site from the videos has been good. The sales and conversion from video traffic has not been as high as hoped. I continue to monitor WMS SERPs because I have more insight into them after 4 years of checking them almost daily .

WMS had done very well ranking for many competitive terms in the top 5. Considering their competitors are their product manufacturers and a big offline chain that also owns 3 of the top 5 properties in the query space they held their own. Shortly after we started adding video Google added the Universal Search.

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Bing vs. Google: 5 Real World SERPs Analyzed: Part 1

Written by Anthony Verre   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 14:29

I’ve spent the last week analyzing, what I believe to be, five real-world queries users and professionals alike might be likely to search on both Google and Bing. There’s been a right bit of controversy over this particular topic since SMX Advanced.

This post isn’t going to put an end to that argument, but what it will do is allow us to dissect 10 SERPs, five from Bing and five from Google for the exact same query, and allow us to see why they chose what they chose. We have to set two assertions: one,

  • Google is to have/has the most reliable and trustworthy results.
  • And, two, deviations of those results may be considered “less desirable” or “less trustworthy” results.

The question I aim to answer here is, is there any reason to specifically optimize for Bing, and does it appear that there are specific optimization techniques to focus on for Bing?


  • All searches were conducted with “personalization” off. This includes “&pws=0” on to the end of queries
    both within Bing and Google
  • Tools used are available to general public: SEOQuake, Yahoo Site Explorer, Web Developer Tool for both
  • Firefox and Google Chrome, Majestic SEO, Google Keyword Tool

The Queries and the Competitive Stats

  1. “brushed nickel shower heads”
  2. “centrifugal castings”
  3. “large tractor riding lawn mower”
  4. “seo competitive analysis"
  5. “used pink netbook”

Google KW tools

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Blended Search Strategy; SEM Synergy

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 14:52

Ok, here's the gig. I am doing a stint on SEM Synergy (via Webmaster Radio) on universal / blended search strategy and thought to put some goodies here as referenced for the spot. You see, over the last 6 months we had been noticing that many of our members really didn't have experience nor strategies in place to make the most from Universal Search. In fact, very few seemed to be even considering it.

So we ran a few (public) polls which lead to this post; on universal and the SEO world.While many target local, the rest seem under served.And Video, being one that many see as a weakness.

It was somewhat surprising to me that it was so poorly understood and targeted. It almost seems to signal that many SEOs are becoming tool junkies and don't actively take a SERP-out approach (understanding the query space and elements therein). Because if they did, it would have become quite obvious that elements such as Video, News, Blog search and to a lesser degree social, real time and images, should be a part of their ongoing strategy.
(actual broadcast is now here)

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Google's Enhanced Search Results; where local meets organic

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 13:20

Have you ever wondered how Google might be coming up with the geo-local elements of a SERP? Ok, well, I probably haven't, lol, but I came across a recent patent award that was actually quite interesting. Sure, I can hear YOU yawning already, but I actually do get a little piqued over these things. Anyway, the patent in question is;

Enhanced Search Results - Filed; November 23, 2009 - Awarded; June 3, 2010
Inventors; Walton Lin; Dorward; Sean; (more here) ; Castro; Luis; (Piscataway, NJ)

Interestingly this is a re-release of a patent published in 2007 (covered here by Bill) and as he noted at the time;

Two of the listed inventors are also named inventors on Google’s patent application for Site Links, which are the lists of additional pages from the same domain that sometimes show up under the first link in search results, in response to a query.

Which implies there are some query constructors at play here that work on other enhancements to the regular search results presentations. In many ways location information is also something we can consider to be 'quick links' to specific entity location data.

No Click Searching

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How Content Syndication Can Backfire

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 07 June 2010 13:17

Getting outranked for your own content

I wanted to highlight a little problem that might see you being outranked for your own content. I am not talking about scrapers either, legitimate situations. You may ultimately be screwed for all your hard work developing quality content. Actually, the better you do your job, the more likely it is.

In the present world of SEO (and internet marketing in general) we all know that the 'build it and they will come' approach just ain't going to cut it. One way to get the word out and even build some authority is the use of content syndication. This is generally in the form of RSS. And a LOT of us use this approach.

Did you know that this might just be a bad idea? Especially with a full feed?

Getting outranked with your own content

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