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Does Google hate your market?

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 27 September 2007 03:28

 Do you have a 'Quality' site?

I was travelling around the other day and I ran into a post by Judy from the Inside Adwords crew that was discussing issues related to landing page scores and sites that will most likely find it ‘difficult to advertise affordably’. --- Websites that may merit a low landing page quality score --

While it is for the PPC world not SEO, I think it does show some insight into what the fine folks at Google are feeling about things… so why not have a look;

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Your SEO Sucks

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 21 September 2007 07:04

Ok… are we sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Apparently my Spam filters are working too well since I ain’t getting no good web marketing Spam lately… whadda drag since I am determined to Stop the SEO Madness. So I guess I will simply go search the web for SEO services and see what I can find…. The Ol ‘Don’t wait for your ship to com in, swim out and get it’ method.

The other day some smart ass asked me why, “ if yer so good why aren’t U ranked #1 for ‘SEO Services’?” – I told him cause I don’t wanna answer dumb ass inquiries all day with crap like “I want to be a PR6” or “Makes me rank in Googles” …. Been there done that. I don't do much actual SEO on my sites... word of mouth keeps me happy thank you very much. Anyway, I decided to search that term for some fun.

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Stop the SEO madness

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 00:06

Can anyone out there tell me why the world of SEO is sooooooo screwed up??? I have been in marketing since the early 90s and have never seen so much mis-guided ‘get rich quick’ type of hype as I see on a daily basis with SEO (internet marketing in general).

Is it because anyone can get a web business relatively easy so there is a huge pool of suckers out there?

Is it because there is no governing body out there to effectively manage the reputation of the industry?

Because of a lack of true understanding about the basics of SEO in the greater marketplace?

Can some one puuullleaaaze tell me what is going on.

From this day forward, I am going to commit myself to outing each and every scammy service, advertisement and provider I can get my hands on. I am going to scream from the top of the mountain tops about what is garbage and what is a quality offering in the SEO marketplace. Somebody get me lawyer… cause I am gonna need one!

So if you’re an SEO addict, enthusiast or interested citizen, lend me your ear. Lend me your mouth as well... speak up!
It’s time to do some house cleaning…..



Tale of the two PageRank Patents

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 17:29

Ok.. Bill Slawski put a shout out for some back up with a couple of patents relating to PageRank.. I had a few minutes to spare and decided to jump in...... Apparently Google put up 2 patents on PageRank and Ol Bill was wondering if there were any major differences -- so why not?

See Bill's original Post for more -  New Stanford PageRank Patent

 Documents - Patents of discussion; Original Patent  - Follow Up Patent -

Let's see what we can find...... (read on)

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Things that piss me off

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 09:27


1. Stoodpid lists.. You this one.

2. Internet marketers that give ignorant advice. They probably don’t even know they are spewing bouquets of dead flowers. Or worse, twisting reality to peddle their equally value-less wares.

3. SEO Rockstars -- nuff said.

4. Search Engines - for changing all the time just when I think I am getting a handle on it.

5. Black Hatters - for making the search engines change all the time…. Bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha….

6. Noobs that ask stooped questions like `How do I rank Top 10 for Google` or `tell me how to rank my site in Google`-- get a life. No one is going to give anything to you. Work for it like the rest of us slobs.

7. Software generated SEO reports - they pump out steamy piles of advice, so bring a scoop and a baggy. .. But mista`Dave, what about the meta-keywords tag??? ..that’s right, keep moving, nothing to see here son.

8. Any sales drivel that says ‘The secret to Googles success is its top secret Page Rank Algorithm’.. really.. Anything that says ‘Top Secret’ in it…..

9. Single line sales inquiries such as -- ‘ I would like to rank on search engines’ or ‘ I am interested in your service’ - until the day I am eating dog food around here, (next week?) don’t even bother. If you can’t show some passion for your site and give at least a little information about what you are doing, I can’t be bothered to even answer the inquiry.

10. Useless self-absorbed posts on a Blog… You know, like this one… :0)

..dats it an dere ain’t no more…..

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