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Alls fair in love and SEO

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 10 March 2008 06:44

 Why worrying about shady SEO can be pointless.

This is a little story about how the world is unfair – grow up and get used to it. I am going to explain some realities that many website owners may not be all that thrilled with. I am gonna bitch slap those of you that Search Engine Oportunistdon’t ‘get it’ until you start to drift back to sweet mother earth instead of languishing in the clouds. We’re gonna get one thing straight – there is nothing FAIR about how the world of SEO works.

I was doing some blog wandering and noticed a rant by Matt over at SEO Unique that echoes sentiments I have heard far and wide from bloggers, forums flies and comment junkies alike. What is with those spammy shit sites in Google’s index?

“….. and started my analysis of the site (the next day). The site had keyword stuffing all over the place, their backlinks were so obviously all paid for, the anchor text did not change at all - 100% one phrase and where was this douche ranking? Well 2nd of course (grrr), as many of us bloggers and site owners keep receiving penalties from Google for the occasional “suspicious” link or two - sites that must make hundreds of millions of pounds can get away with it by the looks of it (old news I know)!”

… let’s get a few things straight my fine peeps;

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Nofollowing External Links the SEO Ladys View

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 28 February 2008 16:09

Young Guns of SEO - Ann Smarty

Ann SmartyBefore I start, let me first state that as a rule I don't nofollow outbound links (well, at least I try to keep away from that :) ) . My attitude towards nofollowing is very simple and straightforward (you can call it womanlike) - I tend to never use it at all.

Why? No matter how hard SEOs try to persuade people that links are not votes (they are just links) and nofollowed links do not mean people hate you (it's just that they try to control the mysterious 'PageRank flow'), their voices won't be heard.


A nofollowed link is still a good way to make enemies among webmasters (even if the link under question was not pointing to their own site) who seldom remain untouched when they see rel="nofollow". I've found that it is much better for your 'PageRank flow' to build connections and generously and openly link out than to try to control it by nofollowing your external links.

However there are definitive reasons behind using nofollow (or the meaning people apply to a nofollowed link once they see it). So here are some (most often not-too-wise) approaches to external link nofollowing:

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Social Media Marketers need a better identity

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 08 February 2008 19:31

Drawing a not-so-thin line in the Sand

There is a strange thing happening with my peers that are afflicted by the Social Media disease. I am not sure if it is delusional or merely lack of subjectivity, but they want to mix SEO and Social Media Marketing in some philosophical mish-mash that has me scratching my head vigorously lately. While there are certainly areas that can cross over, to imply that SEO won’t exist without SMM is downright silly. Once and for all – Communication breakdownSocial Media Marketing is a branding activity. It is not about Optimizing a web page for a search engine. The disciplines and studies are unique as are the service offerings.
The problem seems to be that the SEO turned SMM starts to see the links that can be garnered via SMM and says, “Hey SMM is a great SEO tool” – and this is true, I have talked about this cross over in the past. This doe NOT mean that SEO needs SMM or the other way around. Maybe some folks have been begging, bartering and buying links for their projects and so these viral links are fun for them, not sure really.  

The thing is that I have used bait in the form of quality offerings on a given site, for links since well before the SM world cropped up. In it’s own way it was a form of social media in that bloggers, influencers, media outlets and forum chatter was what we would get links from. This ‘social’ bait for links is nothing new to me, just a more formal approach.

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Personalized Search with Biometrics

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 17 January 2008 09:00

Hello Dave..... what are we searching for this evening?

Imagine if you could yell at your search results? Ok, I mean you probably have done that, but what if it actually had an effect? Or what if I was pleased with a set of search results and the search engine used my contentment as a ranking signal for further search refinement? What a cool deal that would be…

Sure, it’s late at night and I have an unhealthy addiction with personalization and user engagement signals, but hear me out.

Among the endless haystacks in my feed feeder I happened upon an interesting needle relating to a patent that Microsoft has been said to have filed and could be granted within a year. It is said to be a big brother style software that can remotely monitor galvanic responses. Which could include;

  • heart rate
  • body temperature
  • movement
  • facial expression
  • blood pressure.

While this is nothing entirely new, it has in the past been limited to professions such as firefighters and pilots. What is new is having it in such settings such as the office environment. The system can automatically detect frustration or stress from the computer user and potentially offer the appropriate assistance… wow, it’s the Hal 9000 (eeek). The system would also have demograhic information about the user to further develop a profile.


Its OK Dave… do not be alarmed.

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Yahoo, Page Rank and Teleportation Oh My!

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 16 January 2008 17:37

Say hello to Yahoo's Personalized PageRank

Well I can’t say that I had envisioned myself talking about a PageRank Patent… FROM YAHOO!…. at least not anytime soon. The last time I looked at a PageRank filing it was from you know who, not Yahoo… But it would seem that’s exactly what we have on the menu today;

For your dining pleasure; User Sensitive PageRank

My original curiosity was helped out to no end when everyone’s favourite technical search guru informed me that one of the authors ( Pavel Berkhin ) had also worked on; A Survey on PageRank Computing (2005 - PDF) and Link Spam Detection on Mass Estimation (2006 - PDF) .

User Segmented Personalized PageRank

At first read, it seemed as though they were looking to integrate user performance metrics as a layer onto the ever popular probabilistic/nodal modelling of PageRank. Of course I had to start over again as I thought myself to be deluded by my recent obsessions in this arena was experiencing some strange anomaly produced by some lunch meats that were obviously past their prime. Starting over availed me no favours, only light;

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