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SEO Misconceptions and Myths Revealed

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 08:14


In my travels through the world of SEO and Internet marketing I read a lot of material and listen to many questions – some good.. and some, well, not so good. I have read a few ‘How to be an SEO’ articles and participated in some forum threads on ‘Being an SEO expert’ and as always… it can vary greatly in the mystical world of Search Engine Optimization. For the reasonably sane and uninitiated – the search Gods generally don’t spell out for us how the ranking algorithms work – it’s their ‘secret sauce’ – if you will. There is much we know from testing, company releases, blogs and of course the ‘Terms of Service’ for each – ultimately though? We do not have a road map on this journey.

mustexit.gifOne thing is for sure, in the uncharted waters of Search Optimization many folks simply don’t know where to go, or they are simply trying too hard. It has been said that SEO isn’t rocket science – brother, ain’t it the truth. Certainly there is a long and winding road that can delve into the bowels of search engineering and algorithm weaning – but for the average website owner, it need not be a stress inducing – ulcer feeding beast.

I shall give you a bunch of SEO catch phrases and concepts you can safely avoid - read on....

Submit to ALL the Search Engines - In reality there are but a few engines worth the time of day Google - Yahoo - MSN/Live and if yer reaching, ASK and MyWay…… Honeslty, Google and Yahoo will be the lions share of your organic search traffic that is worth anything as far as ROI (return on investment) is concerned.

Secondly, I generally never submit since ranking in the SE s (search engines) is greatly dependant on back links to your website. The act of link building in a SEO campaign by itself will induce indexation.
Why worry about a site being indexed (mere submission) if it will not rank for anything? Thus submitting to Ses is not something to be concerned about.
So…. Services that simply submit a site/page to gazillion engines are all but useless and a complete waste of $$$$$


Alexa Rank and Google TBPR – TBPR Prediction Tools. Both metrics are skewed essentially and trying to truly glean any value from them towards understanding your rankings is useless. While PageRank itself holds value, the oft updated (exported) Google ToolBar figure isn’t accurate enough to help. Considering PR is one of many factors involved in rankings it is not unusual to see a PR3 outrank a PR6 for a given term. Throw them away.

KW Density - A once mighty tool, concepts such as Phrased Based Indexing and retrieval would be a smarter area of knowledge. I could care less about it and neither should you.

Code to text ratio; Another beast of yore that plays no real part in the over-all ranking process and attention paid to it is time thrown away… do so at your own risk.

Duplicate content penalties; For the most part duplicate content issues are of the FILTER variety not PENALIZATION. You’d need more spam flags than simple duplicate content to get in trouble with a search engine as there are many legitimate reasons that site have content found elsewhere on the web. It is wise to understand the concepts related to duplicate content, just don’t panic over it.. Let the knowledge set U free!!!

Compliant Code; Once and for all people, this is a usability issue not a ranking issue. It has no bearings on your sites ability to rank for a given phrase.

Black Hat - Unethical or Illegal; Black Hat SEO is NOT fishing illegal, and it is not unethical unless of course you do so in the course of providing SEO services without informing your client.. Now THAT is unethical. It’s simply a way of doing optimization that really irks the Search engines and users alike - SEO= search engine opportunist.

… well that’s a start…. I am sure to be adding more to this as I run into more ‘Twilight Zone SEO’



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