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How to Learn SEO

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 24 February 2007 06:04

It's an SEO Learning Link Fest!

(be sure to see the 2008 version of  How to learn SEO)

You know, I have been around many SEO forums in my day and one question that surfaces all of the time is something along the lines “What’s the best way to Learn SEO?”. As U might expect the answer is generally to search and read the forum on which the question is posted. The accompanying suggestions usually are somewhat skewed as forum flies are ‘clique’ type people and have a ‘set’ resource(s) that they all agree on and recommend over and over. If a certain author is not in the good graces of said forum, then regardless of the value of the information, it is likely not mentioned.

So what IS the best way to going about learning SEO? Going onto SEO Forums? Reading books and Blogs? What about Elite Retreats and other SEO Conferences?

Good questions, glad I asked. Each and every one of us learns as we live, differently. So I cannot give a squared away and tidy answer as to the magic formula of learning SEO, but I can give a list of ideas and resources I feel will arm you well in all aspects of SEO and Internet Marketing. This is not a comprehensive undertaking, simply my take on what I would advise…. so read along for the ultimate SEO Learning Guide!

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