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Fire Horse Guide to Personalized Search

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 07 January 2008 15:33

Hey there… just a quick note to post a guide I put together based on the recent series here on Google Personalized Search. For those of you that weren’t along for the ride it should make for good reading and if Ultimate Guide to Google Personalized Searchyou made the journey, then simply file it away for some light reading as a refresher course. This free download is 18 pages packed with everything you need to know about Google's Personalized Search Optimization.

Inspired by last year’s Google Magazine concepts, the 4 posts have been put together with some minor editing in a neat little package that takes you from the reasons why Google personalized search will be so much more important in 2008 SEO, along the trail to dissecting how it works and how you can leverage Personalized Search Optimization tactics in your efforts.

I hope you find it useful, if not at least thought provoking or entertaining.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF file


The Magic Bullet - A chat with Bill Slawski

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 25 October 2007 20:43

The other day I posted an article about ‘relevance in SEO’ and it generated some conversations in my web-wanderings. Some of the chats I had were with people looking to establish some sort of path to the ‘secret sauce’ via the concepts I was discussing.This got me thinking about the 'quick fix’ attitudes that I run into now and again from folks that seem to be looking for the easy way out.

Come to Ranking NirvanaI can’t speak for others that have the addiction for all things technical, but I find that I often run into those that believe in some mystical way one can see the path to ranking Nirvana through the odd patent here and there or reading analysis of them. I certainly believe that seeking to understand the mind of a search engineer can give one insight into potential avenues of competitive advantage, but that does not mean I can deconstruct the methods and mechanisms of a given search engine - nor can you.

But what’s a guy to do?

Well, when you’re a lonely technical junky in the world of SEO, there is only ONE thing you can do… ask your pal Bill Slawski – the wise Search Turtle of all things technical-SEO;

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How to leverage Relevance in SEO

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 18 October 2007 01:41

Take a ride on the Relevance Train

If Content is King - then Relevance is the queen. We all know who really runs the Kingdom right?

One of the more interesting areas, for me at least, in the indexing and retrieval game is the never ending quest for more relevance. If it is studying the semantics or theme of a given document/web page or employing user metrics to create a probabilistic model, understanding how search engines look at relevance is important as well as interesting. What seems painfully obvious these days is that the ever popular methodologies based upon link relationships (backlinks) or simple keyword density centric approaches in your SEO programs just aren’t everything they once were.

There has been a distinct undertaking to understand relevance beyond simple link popularity approaches (such as PageRank). The link centric approach has contributed to a TON of the ‘Link Spam’ out there, as well as having turned into a full blown war over tactics such as Paid Links within the SEO and Webmaster communities. While it's true that Web Spam is not the main reason why other methods for greater relevance are being explored, but they can certainly help in not only effecting more relevance, but combating web spam as well.

Getting onboard the search relevance train

There are more than a few ways that search engineers seem to have been looking at to establish more relevance in the search query results, here are a few that are of interest;

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A Link Love Affair

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 12 October 2007 19:03

I prefer ranting here at the Blog (as you know) instead of talking technical or strategic SEO. I keep that stuff in my SEO KnowledgeBase

I have been asked about Link Building a lot lately and figured it was time I did a concise guide to ‘getting your link on’. I didn’t bother to get into the whole ‘Paid Link Debate’ that seems to be one of the more popular topics amongst the SEO and webmaster crowd. It’s not that I don’t have thoughts on that, as I usually have something to say about ANYTHING, I'd rather rant about that here at the Ol Blog. With this article I wanted to looking4linklove.jpgfocus on the task at hand which is setting out the most common methods (non paid) for getting back links.

Link Building is certainly an important aspect of the SEO process and these days finding ways to get natural links is paramount. I have found that many people draw a blank on ideas outside of the basics such as directory submissions, reciprocal or paid linking tactics. I don't really think I am looking outside the box with this one, I simply have found many ways to get the job done over the years. Some are easier to accomplish than others and some methods are suited better to some markets/industries than others. You need to establish which methods offer the most reasonable Return on Investment for your time and money.

The main idea with this is to get some ideas flowing and try and cover each and every possible method for link building that I could think of, or have found interesting in my travels. To be honest, I could write a small book on each aspect of this list of SEO goodiness, which I may do at some point. This is merely a focused breakdown of the major elements involved in the link building process.

So, hop on over to Reliable for Link Building Ideas for 2008


SEO Misconceptions and Myths Revealed

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 11 September 2007 08:14


In my travels through the world of SEO and Internet marketing I read a lot of material and listen to many questions – some good.. and some, well, not so good. I have read a few ‘How to be an SEO’ articles and participated in some forum threads on ‘Being an SEO expert’ and as always… it can vary greatly in the mystical world of Search Engine Optimization. For the reasonably sane and uninitiated – the search Gods generally don’t spell out for us how the ranking algorithms work – it’s their ‘secret sauce’ – if you will. There is much we know from testing, company releases, blogs and of course the ‘Terms of Service’ for each – ultimately though? We do not have a road map on this journey.

mustexit.gifOne thing is for sure, in the uncharted waters of Search Optimization many folks simply don’t know where to go, or they are simply trying too hard. It has been said that SEO isn’t rocket science – brother, ain’t it the truth. Certainly there is a long and winding road that can delve into the bowels of search engineering and algorithm weaning – but for the average website owner, it need not be a stress inducing – ulcer feeding beast.

I shall give you a bunch of SEO catch phrases and concepts you can safely avoid - read on....

Read more... [SEO Misconceptions and Myths Revealed]
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