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Chocolate and PaIRs and Jaguars Oh My!

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009 13:33

(the following is a post from Sarah Goodwin)

A beginners guide to Phrase Based Indexing & Retrieval

Let’s start this post with a caveat: I am not an expert in this area. This post is about how I have taken the information that David has imparted here over the last couple of years to use in my efforts. A starter guide if you will. 

The concept behind PaIR, (phrase based indexing and retrieval) on the most basic level seemed to be to be this; Google would look at all of the pages that mention a particular word, let’s say ‘chocolate’. They analyze what other phrases occur on pages that contain the word chocolate (as well as other related phrases)

Basics of phrase based IR

…and then use calculations/weights to look at the occurrence on each page, (compared to predetermined sets) and find the “ideal” occurrence ratio which determines the “best” page.

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How to Identify the Best Keywords for Your Niche

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 21 September 2009 12:14

(the following is a post from WordStream's - Tom Demers)

One of the most difficult aspects to effectively marketing online is "getting started". Whether you're starting out as an affiliate, new to an industry, or just launching a product it's extremely difficult to both predict the impact and effectiveness of a new campaign and to determine how best to attack a niche.

This post will aim to help a bit with both.

First, some required reading for those trying to get a new site off the ground, determine which affiliate niche is best for them, or launching a new product line or section of their site:

  • The Affiliate Newbies Guide to Finding Niches - Great post by Gab on identifying niches for affiliate marketing (as with a lot of strong content pieces, you can apply a lot of the theory and methodology to other things: like determining which "niche within a niche" is best to target).
  • How Predict the ROI on SEO - More from Gab, this time from his own blog. This is a great post on determining what sort of return you can expect from an SEO endeavor.
  • What is the Value of a Number 1 Google Ranking - Outstanding in-depth article on evaluating the value of a number one ranking by SEO Book's Aaron Wall. This is another example of something that can be tweaked and pushed out into uses other than just evaluating a number one ranking.

There are some great resources for both identifying which niche you would want to spend your time in, and how you would go about evaluating what you’d get from that niche. But what about once you’ve chosen a niche? What’s next?

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My Big Ass List of SEO Blogs

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 11:59

Every now and again there come along a list of peeps ‘Top SEO Blogs’ to which I am drawn being the SOSG that I am. Many times I read them and think, “Man does that list goddamn suck’ – lol… if they are personal lists or so-called ‘rankings’ they often don’t represent my personal must-have blogs in the SEO space….

Between my many (many, many) hours at Sphinn or getting my SEO newsletter together, there is always a need for more and fresh content to absorb. For those that ask what I read when creating my newsletters… I give you my own personal list of (92);

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Geo-targeting checklist for local and international SEO

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 09:46

After a run in with everyone’s favourite Aussie Webmaster, it seemed a quick checklist for geo-targeting your search optimization efforts could be an interesting exercise. While it is mostly based on the Google geo-targeting patents we looked at earlier, there are also some other elements I've added worth having.

One thing to note right away is that these are by no means mandatory. It should be more thought of as a list to best satisfied where possible and when appropriate. In some cases, issues such as the location of the server are not as cut and dry. There are many instances of sites that do well without that.

We’ll do more on that later… on to the list (any suggestions? Do leave a comment)


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Looking for malware

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 06 November 2008 07:30

Yesterday I posted over on Site Reference about checking potential link partners (or site’s you’re considering linking out to, or your site even) for malware via Google diagnostics for those that are interested. It is based on a handy toy Google has for reporting such goodies ;0)

Link Builder toolbox – how to check web pages for malware history

. Checking for Malware

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