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My Big Ass List of SEO Blogs

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 11:59

Every now and again there come along a list of peeps ‘Top SEO Blogs’ to which I am drawn being the SOSG that I am. Many times I read them and think, “Man does that list goddamn suck’ – lol… if they are personal lists or so-called ‘rankings’ they often don’t represent my personal must-have blogs in the SEO space….

Between my many (many, many) hours at Sphinn or getting my SEO newsletter together, there is always a need for more and fresh content to absorb. For those that ask what I read when creating my newsletters… I give you my own personal list of (92);

Search Marketing Blogs that don’t suck – and U should be reading;

Now, I haven’t put them in any order on purpose…this isn’t a favs ranking, just some good blogs worth having in your feed reader…

Search Geeks

As steady readers of the Trail know, I am all about the SEO geekiness. As such we’re going to start the journey off with some of the best geeks in the blogosphere.

SEO Peeps

SEO by the Sea – any of ye that have been reading here for any length of time will know my love of search patents. So it’s an easy call that Bill heads up my list. He’s also witty (who knew?) and creative with a side helping of eco-consciousness. Also a helpful gent and good friend!

Best SEO Blog – one almost chuckles at Michael’s recently launched (and KW centric) blog for blatant naming conventions :0) Always entertaining, this follow up to the SEO Theory blog is a good as always for that search geeks with an edge we all know and love.

Hobo SEO – Shaun is also interesting for the SOSGs in that he is always playing with testing and hypothesizing instead of regurgitating. That works for me…and gets him into the ‘geeks’ list…

Science for SEO – one of my good friends, CJ is a great gal and namesake for SOSG badges. Along with Bill, she’s one of the greatest resources I have – another must follow for SEO Warriors!

Google Research Blog - while it qualifies for the 'Search Engine' section, it is worth highlighting here for the geek that aren't already following it.

SEO Scientist – he’s only recently came onto my radar, but Branko is certainly search geek award worthy. And even though he’s done a presentation inclusive of the dreaded bounce rate debate, I am confident in the recommendation.

Sebastians Pamphlets, - Sebastian doesn't post nearly enough for my liking, his technical approach makes the archives alone worth looking through.


IR watching

The Noisy Channel – of all the IR blogs I read, (outside of my SOSG namesake) Daniel is easily the most entertaining. He is certainly a good read an follow worthy.

Haystack blog - the CSAIL blog from the folks over at MIT

Information retrieval Gupf – IR research, issues and discussions; a great blog for search geeks.

Geeking with Greg – another MUST have for search geeks… more IR news and views from Greg Lindon

IR Thoughts – the old school search geeks will remember Dr. Edel Garcia from the SEW boards - he's always got some good posts and is never afraid to mix it up with the snake oil SEOs.

Research on Search – while he doesn’t post all that often, Dell does have a wealth of search geeky reading.

SEO Bad Asses

Next up we’re going to look at some of the best SEO blogs by individuals or blogs with 2 or less authors. Once more, this isn’t a ‘top blogger’ list, there order is random and they all equally rock!

Active Bloggers

Some bloggers are more active than others… these are peeps that are active and fresh!

SEO Book Blog – pretty sure all of my readers know of Aaron and his work… ‘nuff said. But PeterD also does some nice work, so give some luv there as well!

Bruce Clay Blog – what can I say? A love affair that began with my ranting about the death of rankings. They’ve been open, honest and hugely supportive, always near the top of my feed read! And of course we'd be remiss withoutt mentioning their kissing cousins down under, Bruce Clay Australia (soooo sorry on the FAIL there mates!!)

High Rankings – Another name most of you should know; Jill is a no-nonsense gal (or is that anti-boondoggle?) that gives sound advice. We’ve never chatted much, but I enjoy her …uh… candour :0)

Blog Storm – you can always find solid content from Patrick, one of the UK’s best IMO. If you haven’t already, get this one in yer reader ASAP!

John Andrews – while not always search centric, John is always a stimulating read (no, no… its SEO I assure you). A worthy addition to the list.

Wolf Howl – once more… a name most would know. If you like a bit of spice and tin foil with your search readin’, look no further.

Dallas SEO Blog – one of the gang from ‘White Coat SEO’, Steve is a good friend and has a steady stream of SEO goodiness and links worth having in your reader – careful tho, he’s a mad Tweeter…. (must clone himself or something…sheesh)

the LinkSpiel, - Deb (the link building queen) is one of the stalwarts of SEO blogging and specializes in link building. I've long been a fan of her work.

Wiep Knol – another link-a-holic, Wiep is a great guy and widely considered one of the best link bloggers out there… (another fella we wish would write more)

Fantomaster – a smart cookie, great guy and a worthy read (tho more regular posting would be nice Ralph ). I must admit he only stayed off the ‘slacker’ list ‘cause he’s a great guy to hang with… hehe..

Dave Naylor – it’s good to see Dave is post more regularily! He’s an old ‘hat’ that has been part of any ‘top X’ list over the years

Vanessa Fox – a name that would be familiar to most readers on the Trail. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, but the content rocks!

Local SEO Guide – easily my fav of the geo-centric SEO blogs, if you deal with local/international markets, you’d better have him locked in!

Jaan Kanellis – an old forum hound that takes his years to the blogosphere, Jaan easily makes the list for putting me in a ‘best lookin man of SEO’ contest…

SEO Gadget – can’t say that I’ve ever met Richard, but I’ve always like what I read. He tends to also use a fair amount of graphics, another area I appreciate in a blogger.

Ask Kalena - Kalena has been answering SEO questions for far longer than my sanity would ever permit – that alone would make her a follow… but the goods are worthy to boot.

Saad – another more recent entry onto my radar, he has been consitently been putting out some quality content for while now… Welcome to the list!

Stone Temple – while Eric covers a wide range of SEO goodiness, he’s easily best-known for the many great interviews he’s done. Highly recommended SOSG reading.

SEO ROI – Gabs is a newer entity on the blogging scene but a fellow Canuck and a search geek in the making. We’ve had more than a few convos and he’s a Trail Alumni.

SEM Insights  - sticking with the Canadian content theme, Laura is another wonderful persona and writer I’ve met on my meanderings. Worth keeping on the radar!

SE Optimise – Tad and Kevin do a great job and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin on a few occasions. These are solid SEO minds and Tad, well… can be entertaining!

On React – Tad makes the list once more, if you like your SEO spicy, he’s a good choice. Edutainment at it’s finest for us ranting types…

Aim Clear Blog – another guy that's known for his passion, Marty is one blogger that tends to give the straight goods on a consistent basis - likely to win a SEMMY for ranting at some point methinks!

Raven SEO Blog - the fine felows behind Raven SEO Tools also have some great insights as well. I've known Jon for a while now and can attest to his search addiction!

SEO Unique – a good mate and fellow SEO Warrior, Matt has also been putting out some great content over the last while. Certainly one of my UK favs at the moment.

SEO Journal – Nick is also a newer addition to my reader. While it’s not the uber-geeky variety, he’s a posting machine with some good common sense SEO (also did the bounce rate thing..sigh)

Holistic SEO – Pete is another newer addition to my feed reader and from the quality of the work I’ve seen on his blog… definitely another you can add to your list!

Milwaukee SEO – a late edition to the list, by popular demand ;p I've actually been enjoying some of the recent posts here...sorry that I (almost) forgot ye mate!

Irish Wonder's SEO Blog – another late edition, with deepest apologies, Irish has been around a looooooong time and knows more than a thing or two about search.

Not-so-active Bloggers

These wonderful SEO bloggers are the ones I really wish would write more… sigh. Either way though, when they do take to writing, they do some great work (pick it up peeps would ya?)

Hamlet Batista,
Internet Business blog
Tim Nash
SEO Smarty
Jordan Kasteler
Jennifer Slegg,
Fathom SEO
Eric Lander
Search Rank Blog

Audette Media
SEO Factor
Search and Social  
Barry Wise
Just me and My
Smart Keywords
Foot in mouth disease
Jack Leblond
Monica Wright

SEO Collectives

Resistance is futile! Next, we’ll look at search blogs with more than 2 authors… One can’t put them with the standard blogs as they have an unfair advantage with their mass of quality content - hehe.

Search Engine People – ok sure, Jeff may be a close friend and fellow Canuck, but it is Ruud that has run with it and made SEP one of the great resources in the biz.. So I am biased by kick ass!

TopRank, - another great stop, Lee has been kind, supportive and approachable over the years… all that and a super thinker too! Nice to put HIM on a list for once, ya know?

SEOmoz Blog – another stalwart of the industry, Rand and co are a rocking bunch. I’ve never really talked to him, but know many of the crew over there. A must have for any search geek.

SEO Chicks – while they don’t post enough for a hungry search geek such as I, always great edutainment! Judith is also a fellow SEO Warrior…makes it worth a follow right there!

SEO Scoop - original stomping ground of the wondrous Dazzlin Donna, the Scoop is now a great collective of some of my other favourite search minds.

Distilled – these folks are actually kinda new on my radar, though we’ve crossed paths in the social sphere… I am looking forward to more great work from them!

Daily SEO Tip – the brain child of Loren Baker and spearheaded by Ann Smarty (another fellow SEO Warrior); you can find some good quick-hit SEO tips here. Good for all levels of readers.

Search Media Outlets

Taking it up one step from collective’s, we have what I tend to classify as ‘SEO Media’ sites that are more of a newspaper type approach. I am damn sure you’d know most of these… even if you only peek out from under that rock on special occasions.

Search Engine Journal, - these folks have to come first because not only is the content good (and more than occasionally geeky), but I know more than a few folks over there. Great content, great people… luv’n it!

Search Engine Land – outside of Barry, I’ve really never met anyone over there… but there is always a good flow of search geekiness and breaking news. One of the pillars of the industry.

Search Engine Guide – another stalwart publisher of the search world, there’s still life left in this one. Besides, Stoney is there… and he’s a smart guy with a great ‘sense of hee-hee’.

Search Marketing Gurus – sadly thing seem quiet over there lately, but when the engine is cranking they have some considerable talent at the ‘Gurus’. C’mon Li… feed us!!

Search Engine Round Table – Barry is a personable and friendly fella that really does have his thumb on the pulse of SEO… but you knew that already right? Of course ye did…

Search Engine Watch, - yet another standard in the search world, SEW continues to put out great content each week and are a must on ANY SEO blog list…Frank is my fav fella there and makes his second appearance on the list

Marketing Pilgrim – while Andy and the gang cover a wide range of IM topics, there are always some good search stuff which makes them a worthy read!

Search Cowboys – a newer publication in the market, these folks are the Search Engine Land for the European market… great authors and great reading!

Search Agents - these folks I knew very little about until recently, but they certainly look to be an up-and-coming source of search goodiness... Welcome to the fold and keep up the great work.

The Search Engines

These are various blogs from the major search engines (and industry types). Good for getting your goods straight from the horses mouth;

Matt Cutts (Google)
Google blog
Google Webmaster Central Blog
Ask Blog
Pandia Search News
Yahoo Search Blog
Bing blog  

Honourable mention

These blogs deal with some SEO but also feature other stuff as well.. such as social media, tools etc…

Andy Beard
SEM Portland
Small Business SEM
Joost DeValk
VKI Studios
Outspoken Media
Bill Hartzer


And there we have it… I am sure I’ve left some peeps off the list as there are just soooo many great blogs out there (I had no idea how many til I started this). If you know of any I’ve missed, be sure to put them in the comments below and we’ll see if their worthy of the list… I shall update it as time passes.
And what do I DO with these? Well, they’re the basis of where we draw from each week for the SEO Geeks Newsletter – if you’re not signed up, do so now!

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