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A Link Love Affair

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 12 October 2007 19:03

I prefer ranting here at the Blog (as you know) instead of talking technical or strategic SEO. I keep that stuff in my SEO KnowledgeBase

I have been asked about Link Building a lot lately and figured it was time I did a concise guide to ‘getting your link on’. I didn’t bother to get into the whole ‘Paid Link Debate’ that seems to be one of the more popular topics amongst the SEO and webmaster crowd. It’s not that I don’t have thoughts on that, as I usually have something to say about ANYTHING, I'd rather rant about that here at the Ol Blog. With this article I wanted to looking4linklove.jpgfocus on the task at hand which is setting out the most common methods (non paid) for getting back links.

Link Building is certainly an important aspect of the SEO process and these days finding ways to get natural links is paramount. I have found that many people draw a blank on ideas outside of the basics such as directory submissions, reciprocal or paid linking tactics. I don't really think I am looking outside the box with this one, I simply have found many ways to get the job done over the years. Some are easier to accomplish than others and some methods are suited better to some markets/industries than others. You need to establish which methods offer the most reasonable Return on Investment for your time and money.

The main idea with this is to get some ideas flowing and try and cover each and every possible method for link building that I could think of, or have found interesting in my travels. To be honest, I could write a small book on each aspect of this list of SEO goodiness, which I may do at some point. This is merely a focused breakdown of the major elements involved in the link building process.

So, hop on over to Reliable for Link Building Ideas for 2008


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