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The latest Google Penalty. Fact or Fiction?

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 02 January 2008 23:15

In other news today it seems there is a new mystery penalty in town. According to some folks in the industry including Aaron Wall, they seem to feel it is a ‘phrase based’ or ‘performance metric’ based issue. While I am personally not inclined to see how that might work in practice, it sure is nice to see folks talking about 2 of my the Google #6 Knockdown penaltyfavourite topics.

The skinny;

Google Ranking #6 Penalty/Filter – SEO Book | Sphinn action on the post | WebMaster World Conversations


Now, while I do not subscribe to any set ‘minus whatever’ penalties, I have long been a proponent of phrased based methodologies and more recently the inclusion of user performance metrics in search results (be they personalized or otherwise). As any reader here would also know I also hasten to add that the dials (thresholds) are constantly tweaked across a wide variety of ranking factors and there is generally no all ' of a sudden' algorithmic additions.

Much like my earlier post about 'the New Google Algo', I believe there is smoke but no fire here. We shouldn’t be looking for specific random acts that a mere dozen or so people sort of corroborate.  While algorithms based on these methods may be responsible, I don’t believe there is a catch-all adjustment that would cause such a phenomenon to occur. For any of you so inclined to go back along the journey see;

The Phrase Based Optimization Guide and Google is watching you or even my recent series on Personalized Search for more on these issues.

I will be watching if you’d like to pipe in on this one…hit the comments


Until next time, stay tuned.



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