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Search patents of interest 2008

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 20 March 2008 17:53

Warning heavy search geek content - bring caffiene

While I am on the topic of patents I figured I would put up a list of the patents from the first quarter of 2008 that I found of interest. I am limiting the list to the Big 3 for the moment (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft). Sure, it ain’t sexy, but if yer a search freak/geek or addict, then might just be something of interest.

Also on the topic of patents, it is Bill Slawski’s birthday and on behalf of all technical search junkies I want to wish him many, many more returns and best wishes for a great day today!

Now here’s the list;


Information retrieval based on historical data (re-release of the lost Google patent)

Using match confidence to adjust a performance threshold (Ad delivery)

Local Search Using Address Completion

Realizing revenue from advertisement placement

Systems and methods for analyzing boilerplate

Detecting Duplicate and near-duplicate files

Document compression scheme that supports searching and partial decompression

Interest Targeting


Systems and methods for search processing using superunits

Electronic Document extraction

User query data mining techniques

Computation of page authority weights using personalized bookmarks

Vector analysis of histograms for units of a concept network in search query processing

Method and system for presenting information with multiple views

Concept learning system and method

System and method for identifying web communities from seed sets of web pages

System and method for providing an improved graphical user interface for search

System and method for hierarchical segmentation of websites by topic

Techniques for searching future events

System and method for inferring user interest based on analysis of user-generated metadata

System and method for providing tag-based relevance recommendations of bookmarks in a bookmark and tag database

Query Categorizer

Real-time user profile platform for targeted online advertisement and personalization

System and method for web destination profiling

User-sensitive pagerank

System and method for generalization search in hierarchies

Techniques for clustering structurally similar web pages

Automatic relevance and variety checking for web and vertical search engines


Method and system for ranking objects based on intra-type and inter-type relationships

System and method for a unified and blended search

User-associated interactive advertising monetization

WEB collaboration in multiple languages

Ssytem and process for presenting search resultsin a histogram/cluster format

Knowledge extraction from online discussion forums

Searching to identify web page(s)

System and process for presenting search results in a histogram/cluster format

Enabling web analytics for interactive web applications ( Ajax et al)

Method and apparatus for generating statistics on query expressions for optimization

Search Tool Using Multiple Different Search Engine Types Across Different Data Sets

Search query monetization - based ranking and filtering

Temporal ranking of Search results

Learning a document ranking function using fidelity -based error measurements

Ranking functions using an incrementally-updatable, modified naive bayesian query classifier



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