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SEO Geeks Picks 09; Microsoft Search Patents

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 15:52

Ok, so are you getting into the swing of things here? In this, our third instalment of our ‘Top Picks 09’ we’re getting into more patents. Cause yea, I know ya’ll just LOVE this stuff right? Well, hey, the next time you’re researching a given aspect of search, these lists can be very useful reading… Just sayin’

The folks at MS are easily the most active when it comes to search patents… actually, they’re also far more active than Google and Yahoo when it comes to research papers as well. While it hasn’t translated into a better engine or greater market share, they have proven themselves to be capable search engineers.

Once more there are a lot of patents on behavioural data (implicit/explicit user feedback) which is followed by an interest in semantic and query analysis. It does seem search engines are seeking methods outside of the traditional link model… Kudos for that!


Microsoft Patents 2009

Implicit/ Explicit


Semantic Analysis


Query Analysis




Named Entities (navigational search)

Ranking methods


Universal Search

Recommendation Engine







    Speech Recognition



    It seems the folks at MS are also interested in the more general processing aspects of search and not as much the geo/universal stuff. Oh, and the ones on speech recognition for search are also telling. I wonder why Google hasn’t got more in this area? Something to watch for in 2k10.

    And there we have it. Next edition (posting shortly) will be for the search related patents from the folks at Yahoo. If you really want to learn more about how engines work, I suggest picking a category and reading up on patents from all 3 of the main engines. This can be a HUGE eye opener to any fastidious optimizer.

    Stay Tuned

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