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Yahoo Search Patents first half of 2010

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 27 July 2010 13:47

Over the course of three posts I am going to round-up the various patent awards (of interest) from the first half of 2010. This is a habit I've had since 2008 and it is a nice way for me to track things for future reference. While it's not exactly entertaining, I hope you bookmark and make use of them in the future.

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The reasonable surfer; makes for unreasonable thinkers

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 13:30

A guide to assessing search patents

Well, what can I say? It just never ends. Oh no my friends start shaking yer heads.. We talk about LSI/Google crap not once, but two and three times. Behavioural data and oh, I dunno, bounce rates a few times? How about the most important one, the Magic Bullet (2010 and 2007 versions). Time and time again, it seems to keep happening; SEOs grasping at straws.

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Google TV; it's all about the data

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 24 May 2010 12:54

An early look at how it all comes together

I tell ya, Google just never stops freaking/creeping me out. Sure, as a geek some of the tech is deffo interesting, but as a human being, it's often disconcerting. A while back I started collecting some patents from Google (and Microsoft) on advertisement targeting for TV. Sure, not (yet) directly search related, but pretty interesting none-the-less. Now that it's making news, I thought we'd dig into it some.

First, a little background on what we know from the recent buzz around the web;

Intel and Google are teaming up with a 'Smart TV' platform. This incorporates Intel's Atom processor and Google's Android platform. Sony is also going to implement in their TV's (it is also in set top cable provider boxes) and Logitech is also on board.

Cnet reported that, “the devices will be designed to access Internet content alongside traditional television programming.” This could mean video and ultimately streaming TV from websites such as Hulu or even the network websites themselves. Hint, if you haven't embraced Video in your content strategy, it might be time to get on it.

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SEO Magic Bullet: 2010 Edition

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 12:48

Link Assistant Scavenger HuntPhrase based WTF?

Often one finds themselves looking in the rear view mirror at topics that just won’t go away. One such shadow for me is a set of patents produced in whole, or in part, by Anna Patterson, (former Googler, was to Cuil for ‘em); the now (in)famous Phrase Based IR offerings from Google. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve discussed them/written about them over the years. It seems they just won’t seem to go away (we’ll get back to that shortly)

The other topic the keeps coming back? Well, that’s what is best known as; the SEO Magic Bullet

There are those that seem to believe in the magic bullet. Then, there are some sane people that passed on the tooth fairly long ago. For the purpose of today’s discussion, we’re going to go back to the 2007; The Magic Bullet - A chat with Bill Slawski

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Talking real time personalized search

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 22 February 2010 13:31

SurfCanyonAn interview with SurfCanyon

That title is a doozy, but it does exist! I recently had the extreme pleasure of meeting the gang at SurfCanyon, one VERY personal search engine (and FF add on). I was first turned onto this groovy tool more than a year ago and it was a thrill to hear from them. When it comes to personalization (and social search even) these folks really do take it to a new level. If you haven't already, be sure to give it a try (search engine here and FireFox add on here)

The following is an interview that sprang from those chats. (more on SurfCanyon at the end).


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