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Google Tech Talks; Black Hat Spam SEO

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 07 September 2010 20:12

Is Google worse? Or spammers just don't care about Bing/Yahoo?

Now doesn't that just have a ring to it? The last time I put up a video here on web spam, (from the IR community) it was a less than complimentary view. In the post; SEOs are not Criminals we looked at how many in the search world consider a large portion of SEO to be 'spam' or even 'black hat'.

Today, as I was wandering around my reader I came across this one;

You can access the video and some graphics below, but I am pleased to announce that this one was really about the more melodious attack type of tactics, not really the more relaxed terms we use for them. This ain't your mommy's MFA or affiliate monetized black hat SEO. These are the more insidious brands.

NOTE; while this is a 'Google Tech Talk' it should not be construed to be FROM Googlers. In this case the presentation was by Julien Obrier (on LinkedIn) the QA Engineer at Zscaler (websiteresearch - Facebook). This is simply the results of some research he did into the topic over Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The Video

All in all it was some interesting stuff and the data sets on the sheer amount of crap out there, equally impressive. I thought I'd also post some visuals of interest from the video;


Google Black Hat Spam 1

Google Black Hat Spam 2

Google Black Hat Spam 3

Google Black Hat Spam 5

Google Black Hat Spam 2

Google Black Hat Spam 7

As you may have caught at the end there, you did listen to the whole thing right? They were finding evidence that Bing was much better and Yahoo somewhat better at chatching these. Is that because spammers don't give a rat's ass about them? Or possible as noted, that Google fast indexing actually works against it when it comes to spam?

All in all... some interesting geeking!


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