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What is your soul worth?

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 14 January 2008 21:02

They say every person has a price. What’s yours? I ask because from time to time I get emails from people that are interested in having me review some product, service or website here on the ol trail. As long time trail riders know it is more about the therapy and the passion not about the $$$. Now let’s not get crazy though (that’s what the therapy is for right?) I do certainly find cash to be more than just a little handy from time to time. I have just never had to use this blog as a revenue platform… just a place to hang out.

What's YOUR Price...Enter the Soul Reaper

I was approached by a company looking to promote their service and asked how much it would cost for me to review it. I answered that I really had no set price, but if they wanted to tell me some more about the site and let me have a go at it with a demo account, I could then discuss it further. I though that was reasonable – if I like what they are promoting I am happy to give it some pixel time, if not I would politely decline.

The next email I received merely offered $45 and asked for my PayPal addy… erm… weird, I swear I was already starting some kind of dialogue here? Ok, what the f*ck ever, I went on about my business.

Once again today, there was another one-liner email inquiring about my availability to do a review and the PP addy to send my windfall of cash to.  Did these folks even READ my Blog? I can be a bit of a live grenade that lost the pin a long time ago and it seems unlikely they caught that. I shall of course resist the temptation to actually mention said peeps by name, as discretion is said to be the better part of valour.  But it is tempting….

Spare some change?

I have no idea where my would-be benefactors are located, but around here I couldn’t get out of the corner store without dropping $45 which means buying my soul in the form of blind sponsored endorsement is out of the question. Now, if you throw in say, 3 goats and a few chickens, we could be on to something here (hee hee). I know there are many bloggers out there that make a living as such and I have no problems with them, I do think the advertisers might want to do some homework before waving such huge wads of cash in the face of a volatile blogger.  All they really had to do was tell me some more and let me see the goods... WTF is so hard about that?

So tell me…. How much is your editorial integrity worth? We’re at $45, 3 Goats, 2 Chickens – suggestions welcomed.



0 # TheMadHat 2008-01-14 22:29
Hmmmm. Not to name names...but I'd imagine it had the letters XNT is some sort of order in that email :-) Got the same one.

My soul is worth approximately $45,384,283,889.29.

Nice use of sexy devil by the way :D
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0 # waveshoppe 2008-01-14 22:54
LOL I went to the oral surgeon a few weeks ago and he charged me a $90 consultation fee, which consisted of “Hi I am Dr so and so, and my assistant will prep you, we will start in 30 minutes”, then he left. Never even gave me a chance to offer him a Hawaiian shirt and 2 dogs.
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0 # theGypsy 2008-01-14 23:04
@ Aaron - BINGO we have a wiener. I see they were making the rounds huh? I am holding out for my Goats and Chickens. And yes... SHE can have my soul (for a few hours at least)

@ Charles - sic the dogs on him... migh save few $$
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0 # Tim Nash 2008-01-15 00:11
Does the girl with the scythe collect? if so I can be very cheap :D
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0 # theGypsy 2008-01-15 00:44
Yeah, I may be going out on a limb here Tim, but my guess is she ain't dropping in fer $45 either... not to mention that scythe is making my manhood uncomfortable mate...
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0 # Nick James 2008-01-16 22:56
My soul can be bought for a night's free beer and a bag of chips to walk home with. Any takers? :P
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0 # Michael Lodispoto 2008-01-18 02:56
I like her outfit and if it were Halloween I see some fun in the works. As for the company, If I liked the idea I would do it, but if it blew royally then no way.
Then again in all honesty even 'Dignity' has a price. Don't laugh it's true and there isn't one person reading this who if offered enough wouldn't write about whatever that company is. Dave if they offered $1000 for that post would you? If you say no - would $5000 work then? Keep upping and I'm sure your price will be met. I'll talk to you soon on my own little experiment that you're familiar with and a mass of people that you know who will make you wonder about them. Just imagine 20 people each offered $ for a consultation. Who took, who didn't, who turned out to not even exist ( this would make you laugh by the way), and I'm talking some members of Sphinn too. I will not name names but you'll get what I'm saying tomorrow.
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