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Wandering Web Gypsy: a pictorial

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 19 January 2009 12:39

You know something? I've managed to go a loooong time without being 'tagged' by a meme. Alas it would see the karma train finally caught up and no less than two of my (ahem), friends have set upon me within a week's time. First I was nailed with Samir's; 7 things you didn't know about me - which was followed up today with Donna's; 7 odd and interesting things about Dazzlin Donna

This left me in a most curious position as now I needed '14 things' as they doubled the suffering

Let's get this straight right now, I like lists about as much as skinny dipping on a frozen lake. It has been my desire for quite some time to write; 'the Top 10 list of Top 10 lists about 10 ways to make a list' - but I digress. In an effort to conserve my vocabulary and yet make it a ride, a pictorial that speaks volumes to my condition.


14 things you may not know, that might be interesting... and definately odd

Hi there, my name is Dave, often known as theGypsy. I wander the web and often act like one of these;

Jack Ass


I live here;

Canada eh


But not in one of these;



It's actually more like this;

Home, home on the range...


I spend my days musing how to rank web pages on places like these;

Infromation restrievers


Which means I am one of these;

SEO Geek

Which we all know means this;

Search Engine Oportunist

Although I don't wear one of these;

Messes up the hair


Because.. well... I don’t need to worry about this;

Git 'R up least not until I get older….



For the record, I don’t really own a company like this;

Assholes Inc



Although I may some day if I decide to rank for;



And so - although I may act like one of these;



I am not in need of one of these;

Crazy man


Unless it comes with this;

Crazee chick

All this from a (sleep deprived) guy having some fun….


And now you know more about me and my state of mind… I leave you with this;


... peace, I'm outties peeps... want to learn more; check my personal side out


Now, since I must play nice and tag some poor souls...

Mike (on the move) Wilton
Jeremy (the repentant) Rivera
James (comeback kid) Duthie
Angie (word girl) Haggstrom
Frank (the Doctor) Watson

And the guys from Search and Social - (Spider) Dave Snyder and Jordan (the PaIR man) Kasteler


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