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The Art of SEO

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 04:04

I have a good friend that has a site selling Hawaiian Shirts – and related stuff. We aren’t old chums from high school, not buds from the bar. We’ve never formally met actually (my 21st century reality). We met at a forum discussing – what else – but SEO. Generally speaking my forum and community activities within the SEO industry are part of my everyday business activities. Not an endeavor to win a popularity contest. So how did this one slip through and become a ‘friend’?

It’s about the passion

You see, we both have more than a passing fancy in SEO and internet marketing in general. We spend a great deal of time chatting about all aspects of it and by all accounts, have a pretty good time doing it. Even though he is NOT in the SEO industry himself. On to the point here - I went by his ‘BlogLog’ and noticed he had said “I practice the art of SEO” – what a hoot!

This started me thinking about some of the other aspects of my life, Martial Arts and Music, specifically. Both of which certainly qualify as 'Art Form' in their respective disciplines. I have honed my craft in each of those arenas for more than 20 years… and lasted that long with the graces of my internal drive – my passion.

Passion is the loins share of the pursuit of any art form. So how to apply this to SEO was my next step.

I decided to have a look around me and see what commonalities my SEO world has in common with my other Art Forms. Can I possibly derive anything from the equation? Let us see, I shall list the qualities of my personal ‘Art of SEO’ …. I call it;

Huo Ma Fa – the Way of the Fire Horse

A desire to be great at what I do – lofty goals
Competitive nature – thrill of the chase
Undying fascination with the technical aspects
Creativity – in approach and execution
Determination to survive adversity
The desire to teach and pass on the knowledge
Seeking to do a common thing in an uncommon way
Feeling a deep pride in my Art form

Is it Work or an Art Form?

So have I crossed that threshold from business to personal? It seems I may have. Once I get my head past all the ‘Hype’ surrounding it, I might start to enjoy my new Art even more. Be sure to sit back and look around your professional life as well; see where your ‘Art Form’ is. It could be something to build on… Who knows? It got me thinking at least.

Man, talk about an identity crisis - a little order with my chaos, if you please.


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