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How to cut productivity in half

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 30 April 2008 09:02


Hi there… can u lend me a hand? I could use one.

Just a note to all that after a trip to the fracture clinic yesterday, seems my hand is actually broken (who knew?) - after spending the last few weeks thinking it was ‘just a bit of swelling’ – huh, freaky…

Next visit to the doc’ is Thursday (May 08) and so, for the next while, I shall be limited to one-handed typing which is not only frustrating, but a tad tiring strangely… Fortunately I have a few posts nearly done, but things will still likely be quieter here none-the-less… clients come first.

Talk to the hand

For now I have a funky fiberglass 1/2 cast which is like wearing a concrete glove (@$%&). Fortunately I can take it off to shower.. and scratch them itches (whew)...



If anyone out there feels like guest posting over the next while – go for it!! This would certainly be a great time to step up and blaze the trail – just don’t show me up ;0)

Until next time; play safe (seriously, lol)


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