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Happy Halloween 08

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 31 October 2008 16:26

So how's it going on your end? Have any par-tay action happening? Fun with the kids? Well, we're getting ramped up now and the kids are getting in the groove. Being the clown I am, looking for any excuse to roll play, have been 'in character' all day...

Here's a few pics, to which I'll be adding to later in the evening;

Mummy Pumpkin - of the various pumpkins I worked on this week, this one was my fav (cartoon mummy dood);

Mummy pumpikin

Hiyyyaaaa - and here's me in my Kung-fu hero get up... last year I was a commando - always with the violent characters... Mass murder next year maybe?

Kung-fu Dave

..and yeah, the sword is VERY real... and friggen sharp.. no playin' tricks on this guy...

Don't have a cow man - the kids went with a princess and a cow; do kids in the city actually dress as cows? Or is that a country thing?

Kids costumes

More pics soon....



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