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Giving Thanks

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 22 November 2007 20:27

Hullo peeps… I am Canadian, and fiercely proud of it. The lion’s share of my clients, over the last 10 years, have been Americans. When America has a holiday, in many respects, so do I. In appreciation for my ‘American Cousins', some thanks. I spent last weekend ‘home alone’ with my little darlings all which is all the thanks I need for me life. I decided to sit back and relax for a while.

Let's spread some love!

I have also been knee deep in patents and other research for my recent post and some slated for later this week(end?)…. While I do that I decided to take a few minutes so throw some love around… Ya can’t buy a link around here, but I do throw them out like tasty treats when the occasion presents itself…

The MadHat – well… for being himself.
Bill Slawski – for giving me someone to play mental badminton with
Charles – smartest non-SEO … SEO guy I know.
Jeff – for being Canadian, UPM visions (and the 12 pack he owes me)
Steven - for giving me the reporting bug

FantoMaster – for the term ‘waxing sectarian’
Wolfie – for being a rockstar
Shana (a.k.a theNanny) for all the love
Danny, Jill, Rusty, Rand, Andrew and more… for being themselves, which gave birth to me.


Sphinn – for giving me something to play with
Google/Yahoo (and sometimes Live) – without ya’ll, what would I do?
Matt and Aaron – for the edu-tainment
Search Engine Journal, TechCrunch, SlashDot, WebPro and SEW Blog for aknowledging that I exist. Sweet stroking...


In the end…. I suppose there are 2 spots closest to my old withered heart.. Site Reference and WebWork Shop… 2 places I could always sneak away to and rant all I please. Thanks for the love and support to all the crowd there….

So there ya have it… a couple egg-nog a-la Rye and some love for all… did I miss U? Ready to kick my ass? Damned sorry… just writing on a whim… email, I shall fix it.. hee heee…

Just giving some Thanks….



0 # Jeff Quipp 2007-11-22 21:32
Thanks to you too Dave! We've had alot of fun you and I over the past month or so.

Much much more to come ...
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0 # Dave 2007-11-24 14:36
A new year ahead and more mayhem to come dood. I not sure why I posted this one, it was a thread in my reader that started in and the Rye and Eggnog that fnished it. he he.... Maybe a 'Giving Thanks' post is in the cards ... once a month maybe...
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0 # Bill 2007-11-27 23:53
I had thought of writing a thanksgiving day post, but realized that it might take me a day of writing to give thanks to all the people that I would want to mention.

It's been fun sharing some ideas with you on Google patents, and I hope that we can do some more. Thanks.

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0 # Dave 2007-11-28 00:52
I have to say it has been a blast. We have the same desires and interests in many ways but look at them from different angles Mr.B.... yer one of my fav people in this world.

Thanks for all the fun so far.....
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0 # Shana Albert 2007-11-28 01:08
Hey Dave,

How sweet to add me to your Giving Thanks post. I want to say there is no need to thank me for "all the Love" because It's easy for me to give, but I'm not going to say that..... Because it feels so good to be thanked once and a while.

Thanks right back at ya, babe.
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0 # Dave 2007-11-28 03:48
Well gee hun, ya'll were soooo supportive of this old goats efforts... how could I forget ya? The shorter the list, the more valuable the love.... I am in SEO ya know....
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0 # waveshoppe 2007-11-28 17:19
Actually I was quite honored to make your list. There’s no doubt that I am a big fan of your teachings as well as Bills patent dredging. I am always going to be a shirt manufacture but its not hard to see who is trying educate people and who isn’t. Having said that, worth mention is Hamlet Batista. I don’t know him but he seems to have some integrity, that’s valuable.


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