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Giving Thanks

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 22 November 2007 20:27

Hullo peeps… I am Canadian, and fiercely proud of it. The lion’s share of my clients, over the last 10 years, have been Americans. When America has a holiday, in many respects, so do I. In appreciation for my ‘American Cousins', some thanks. I spent last weekend ‘home alone’ with my little darlings all which is all the thanks I need for me life. I decided to sit back and relax for a while.

Let's spread some love!

I have also been knee deep in patents and other research for my recent post and some slated for later this week(end?)…. While I do that I decided to take a few minutes so throw some love around… Ya can’t buy a link around here, but I do throw them out like tasty treats when the occasion presents itself…

The MadHat – well… for being himself.
Bill Slawski – for giving me someone to play mental badminton with
Charles – smartest non-SEO … SEO guy I know.
Jeff – for being Canadian, UPM visions (and the 12 pack he owes me)
Steven - for giving me the reporting bug

FantoMaster – for the term ‘waxing sectarian’
Wolfie – for being a rockstar
Shana (a.k.a theNanny) for all the love
Danny, Jill, Rusty, Rand, Andrew and more… for being themselves, which gave birth to me.


Sphinn – for giving me something to play with
Google/Yahoo (and sometimes Live) – without ya’ll, what would I do?
Matt and Aaron – for the edu-tainment
Search Engine Journal, TechCrunch, SlashDot, WebPro and SEW Blog for aknowledging that I exist. Sweet stroking...


In the end…. I suppose there are 2 spots closest to my old withered heart.. Site Reference and WebWork Shop… 2 places I could always sneak away to and rant all I please. Thanks for the love and support to all the crowd there….

So there ya have it… a couple egg-nog a-la Rye and some love for all… did I miss U? Ready to kick my ass? Damned sorry… just writing on a whim… email, I shall fix it.. hee heee…

Just giving some Thanks….


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