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Elisia's left out

Written by David Harry   
Sunday, 13 August 2006 09:07

More of the Kids...

Well as anyone whom has more than one child can tell you, EVERYTHING comes in multiples. You never buy ONE chocolate bar, you never buy ONE toy at the store and YOU NEVER put only ONE child on your website.. silly me.

After seeing AdrianÂ’s picture (my son) on the site, my daughter Elisia was beside herself. We had a little time off yesterday so I snapped a few picsÂ… hopefully this will placate the young lady.



Just to finish this up here is another with the 2 of them. My daughter is Elisia Leigh and she just turned 6 in June, the little man is Adrian. who will be 4 in September.

They have been Geeks since they were 2 or younger, of course.





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