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Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007 04:49

chinese_horse_symbol.jpgWell apparently ‘Blog Tag’ is all the rage… at least that’s what my pal Nicky says. As she put it “Blog Tagging is something that is happening all round the blogosphere at the moment. All it basically is, writing a post like this, and naming other bloggers to post stuff about themselves that we don’t know.”

Problem being that I simply never shut up – which means there isn’t much I haven’t already said about myself, at least that I care to have in the public domain….  So what to put? Not sure… here goes;

I started in art school and found my way to business school… I still do traditional art (drawing, painting) as well as digital art with Illustrator, Photoshop and 3D ( Bryce, Max, Poser etc..)

I have played music since I was 10 or so. I still enjoy playing piano, guitar, when I get a chance

Martial Arts/Buddhism/Qi Qong has been with me since I was 9. I have also taught from my own school for about 8 years… then I had kids… well, Tanya did.

I love animals...or did ya notice? (I haven't added the Skinks, Hermit Crabs or Scorpian yet)

What’s a television? Other than the news and playing the odd video game.. we don’t really spend a lot of time on that

So there ya go! I have fulfilled my duties in the age old tradition of Blog Tag… though I rarely call this a Blog… it is what it is.. I suppose now I am supposed to ‘tag’ some one else with this….  Not being ‘in the blogoshpere’ – not sure

Ok, after thinking all day – I realized I work too much and HAVE NO FRIENDS.. so some folks I enjoy playing with in the SEO world will have to do…

I pass the torch to fellow SEO Ranter Oral Seymour And my fav trouble maker Randy LaCelle a.k.a Visio


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