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Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 07:53

 Well…I made it!!

That’s right, the summer is done and the kids are in school. That particularly exciting as our little guy is full time now which means 8 years of having the kids around the home office is over and I am ready to be kicking the proverbial butt!!

Sure, I love the little rug rats, but it has mad things a bugger during the day time. I cannot bein to tell ya’ll how freakin excited I am to see how the other half lives (and works ;0) – I haven’t been blogging much the last few weeks, but that was to soak up the final moments with the little freaks. We shall be returning to our regular programming shortly.

… yeee haaa!!

Oh and BTW, is Matt working the keyword ‘Google Chrome’ or what? Hee hee…. I was reading his post thinking, “ Seems to me that phrase got over used in this post… WTF?” – I guess he’s brushing up on his SEO Skillz there….

..let the games begin!


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