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Another year on the Trail

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 03 July 2009 09:08

3 years and I still won’t shut up

Well it’s that time again… a blogging anniversary. If you’ve ever wondered about the screwed up domain name (HuoMah = FireHorse) be sure to see last years post…

We’ve now logged more than 450 posts (yea slowed down a bit) and over 1600 comments (and thousands of spam ones deleted). Over the last year we had more than 85 000 visitors and 130 000 page views (not including the Dojo). We also had more than 2 dozen fine folks as guest riders on the Trail to bring new life to my tired old banter.

What is most interesting at the end of the day is the fact that people actually enjoy some of the geekier stuff and come back for more. I’ve done less ranting and more musing and digging than in the past on the urging of my SOSG mate, more focus on IR was the call of the day since early 09.



WebMaster Radio – Virginia was kind enough to have me on to chat about personalized search and re-rankings (give it a listen) – it was a ton o fun to do!

Guest Riders – we started having guest riders in the form of posters and interviewees and have had more than 2 dozen peeps on the Trail the last year.

SEO Dojo – another fun development is the (slowly) progressing SEO Dojo and all the GREAT members we have there and our Patent and Research paper library.

SEO Geeks Newsletter – with prodding and help from friends I also started a SEO newsletter which now boasts more than 600 hard core search obsessed peeps (feedback has been wonderous!)

Won a SEMMY – I thought winning a SEMMY (for ranting) was kinda cool as well. When you go up against Michael and Rae and manage to win it’s a definite compliment to this cranky ol search geek


The Pimperati

Considering this blog was originally just musings and answers to common topics I encountered, it has had some great growth over the last 3 years…and a big thanks should go out to all that have been supportive over that time.

The usual suspects – I was fortunate to get some industry love from some of my fav publications including Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, SEO Book, Search Engine Watch, SEOmoz, Search Engine Roundtable (and of course many hot stories on Sphinn). I really do appreciate all the support from some of the best in the biz! Other notables included;

Web Pro News – the good folks at WPN (and properties) asked to syndicate my content which was awfully nice and I enjoyed the compliment

Media Post – Laurie at Media Post has asked me to pose as an authority on more than one occasion as you can see – it’s fun that they care for my ramblings.

And of course a massive thanks out to all the Twits, Stumbers, Sphinners and other socialites that have also brought many a new face by the blog…


Popular Posts

Google social profiling – coverage of a set of patents dubbed ‘FriendRank’

Search geek’s guide to ranking factors – a look at the various methods/signals search engines use to rank webpages.

Google Analytics for SEO – part I, part II and part II – series looking at using advanced segments and custom reporting

Hunting for paid links – a guest post from my pal CJ on how search engines find paid links.

SEO implications of page segmentation – a look at how modern search engines may soon be using page segmentation and what it means to SEOs.

SEO Higher Learning – the mother of all IR resource posts; a great way to start 2009.

Tin foil hat alert; Google personalization – ever wondered how far all of this personalization could get? A possible future….

The final word on bounce rates as a ranking signal – my definitive rant about implicit user feedback and search rankings.

Looking ahead

It’s a safe bet that the Trail will continue to be active with more uber search geekiness and plenty of new guest riders to keep it interesting. While there isn’t as much ranting going on a there once was, surely something in this whacky industry will get me going at some point as well.

Thanks again to all the fine folks that have supported us, the thousands that promoted the trail and of course the MANY wonderful peeps I have encountered over the years, (easily the best part o’ blogging).

Cya next year…same time, same place – m’kay?



0 # Ken Jones 2009-07-03 15:12
Congrats on clocking up another great year on the trail buddy.

It's always a fun ride, looking forward to seeing where the trail leads us next.
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+1 # The Mules 2009-07-04 01:32
Congrats! While horses are inferior to mules, set the horse on fire and we call it a draw. Happy trails.
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0 # Dave 2009-07-04 10:19
Thanks Ken... long time no see brother - how's things with U? It was a pretty good year for sure... looking forward to another...(maybe juts one more)

Thanks as well Mules, flaming horses rock m'man - appreciate you (and yer mule) taking the time to drop a comment.).
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0 # Mike Wilton 2009-07-05 13:24
Congrats on the continued success Dave. While your views aren't always welcomed with open arms by some in the SEO community *cough* Bounce Rate *cough*, I always love your insight and the amount of work you put into your research and posts.

Often you make sense out of things that leave me scratching my head, especially when it comes to patents and IR.

Cheers to you and the blog!
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0 # D. Mark 2009-07-06 01:06
Happy anniversary. Keep it up!
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0 # roofers in leeds 2009-07-06 07:04
congrats on another year of blogging!.. here's to next year!.. all the best
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0 # Jeremy Rivera 2009-07-06 09:34
And Scooby Doo on Channel Two
And Sugar Rae, ripping us all new ones

Congratulations , you're an inspiration. Honestly, thanks for keeping your door open and your dialogue pure and heartfelt.
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0 # Dave 2009-07-06 10:07
Thanks guys.... pretty mushy there u been drinking? hee hee...

gracias on the kind words and wishes gents!
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0 # Virginia 2009-07-13 00:17
Did you just say "the Virginia"? B) I'm such a fan of everything you share, and so many great new endeavors in just the last year! Congrats and happy birthday to the ol' Fire Horse Trail!
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0 # Dave 2009-07-13 00:59 why no m'lady - I have no idea what yer talkin' bout..... hee hee... (edited)...

Thanks on the well wishes, and thanks for being such a massive supporter over the last year... I look forward to MANY more convos!!
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